Where to buy All-in-One or AIO Cloth Diapers in the Philippines

Where to buy All-in-One or AIO Cloth Diapers

Where to buy All-in-One or AIO Cloth Diapers? (photo credits)

If you are tired of stuffing inserts into your child’s pocket cloth diapers, then this post is for you.

Why not give the All-in-One Cloth Diapering system a try an immediately have CDs that are ready to be used by your baby!

I have compiled a list of shops where you can purchase AIO Cloth Diapers.

Here is where you can buy All-in-One or AIO Cloth Diapers in the Philippines:

1. GroVia Sellers – a lot of moms are raving about GroVia AIOs. Check out the list of Local GroVia sellers here.

2. Dandy Nappy Sellers – If you are looking for a not-so-expensive AIOs that are great to use, then you may want to give Dandy Nappy AIO Cloth Diapers a try. Here is a list of online shops that sell Dandy Nappy AIOs.

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  1. Alva Resellers – Most online shops have Alvas, so check out this post series on FB and Onlline shops that sell Cloth Diapers. Well, Alva AIOs work well too, and they have adorable designs especially for baby girls.
  2. The Chipper Online – They have their own line of All in One Cloth Diapers, which work well even for kids who have super chunky thighs. Check out their shop here.
  3. Jasmine Summer – They have this generic AIO Bamboo Charcoal with Sewn Insert offering. Check it out here.
  4. UPDATED JUNE 25, 2016: Snappy Nappy Cloth Diapers — Sells THX AIO in Newborn and OSFM Sizes! Check out their FB Store here, and join their group as well for group buy notices and POs!

So there you have it hope you will soon be able to buy the AIO Cloth Diapers you have been wanting to try. I promise to update this post once I learn about more shops that sell AIO CDs.

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Leaving you with a video on the pros and cons of the All-in-One Cloth Diapering System: