FB and Online Cloth Diaper Sellers in Manila — PART 3

FB and online cloth diaper sellers in Manila PArt 3

Here is the Third installment of FB and online cloth diaper sellers in Manila. Photo Credits.

Hi Mommies, here is the third installment of our FB and Online Cloth Diaper sellers in Manila. Hope you had been able to read Part-1 and Part 2 of this series.

As I usually say, if in case your favorite FB and Online dealer has not been included in the list, please let me know via comment below or though my Facebook Page.

I am sure a lot of moms are on the look-out for great bargains now as some of us may need additional diapers in view of the rainy season. Again, just a disclaimer HFs and Local WAHMs are not included in the series  as I have a separate series of blog posts for them, and you may read part 1 of the Local WAHMs that make HF CDs in the Philippines here and part 2 here.

So without further ado, here is Part 3 of FB and Online Cloth Diaper Sellers in Manila:

  1. Lucas & Co. –Is a direct seller of Cloth Diapers such as Qids, Tushè, Rumpz, Babyland, Naughty Baby and more. Apart from cloth diapers, Lucas & Co. also carries Leg Warmers, Busha Pants, HFs, Wetbags, Bibs with PUL Lining, Hair Accessories and more. If I am not mistaken, like Vezees, they are also open to wholesalers. Visit her FB Page here.
  1. Sky’s The Limit – is another well recommended shop by CDing mommies. This shop carries the following brands: Cloth Diaper: Alva, Babyland, Naughty Baby, and Cloth Diaper Inserts which includes among others, Pure Bamboo, 4-Layer Organic Hemp Cotton, 6-Layer Bamboo Cotton Trifold (6-layer when folded), and Bamboo Cotton Quad-fold. She also sells PX goods. Go to her FB Shop here.


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  1. The Fawn Shoppe – Is an importer, wholesaler and retailer of Happy Flute and Alva Cloth Diapers. This shop also wholesales and retails Wish baby products. They also have busha shorts, wetbags, crib shoes, Baby K’Tan, Sansfluo Dental Care Line, Inserts and Liners, Tiny Buds, Organic Teething Pads. Go to her FB Page here.
  1. Dandy Nappy – Carries the following brands Dandy Nappy (Covers, AIO) Happy Flute, Alva, Kawaii, Baby Legs, Infant Socks, and other Baby Accessories and more. Go to the FB Page here.
  1. Baby Lampers Shop – Carries the CD Brands Naughty Baby, Alva, busha pants, branded Swim Wear, RLR Laundry Treatment, and more. Check out her FB Shop here.

Again, if your favorite dealer is not on the list, please let me know so I could make another post on this.

Happy CDing fellow moms!

Here is a You Tube Video on Cloth Diapering, you may want to check it out: