Where to buy RLR in the Philippines

Where to buy RLR in the Philippines

Thinking of stripping your stash? buy RLR in the Philippines through these stores. (Photo Credits)

If you are planning to strip your baby’s cloth diapers because your normal washing routine could not get the stink out of your cloth diapers anymore, or there are repelling issues, and you are in search of the famed RLR but do not know where to buy it locally, then fret no more.

It is available locally, in both brick and mortar stores, and of course though Facebook and Online Sellers.

For my dear readers in the US, you may want to get it here.

For those who haven’t tried using RLR, well, RLR Laundry Treatment is a safe laundry additive meant to remove from your cloth diapers’ excess mineral deposits that may have been caught in, as well as laundry detergent build-up that could affect your diaper’s absorbency, as well as the way it smells.

Anyway, here is a list of physical stores or online shops where you can buy RLR in the Philippines:

1. Asya’s Cradle – They have the RLR Laundry treatment which they price as follows: (Net Weight 1.35 oz/packet) P95/1 packet; P270/3 packets; P430/5 packets. Check out their store here.

2. PlayBabyPlay.Com – They carry RLR, and sell it for P110.00 per packet. Check out their online store here.

3. Cheeky Bebe Shop – Apart from the RLR Packets which they sell at P89.00 each, they also carry the Laundry Treatment Pods which they sell at P169.00, and the Cadie Stubborn Stain Remover at P169.00 as well per stick. Check out their Website here.


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4. Baby in Style – They also carry the RLR Laundry treatment, and they sell it at P95.00 per 1.3 oz packet. Check out their FB Shop here.

5. RAAK Naturals – They also carry RLR Packets, and they sell it at P90.00 each. Here is a link to their store.

6. Baby Chic Boutique – They also carry the RLR Packets at 90.00 each. They offer free shipping via ABEST for purchases of 10 packs and up. Check out their FB store here.

7. Tina ClicknBuy – She also sells by the packet, at 95.00. Here is her FB Store.

8. True Value – The physical store where I saw RLR Laundry Treatment Packets. Just forgot to check out how much they sell it, but if you wanna go ogle first before buying then head to your nearest True Value shop – check out the following branches: Rockwell, Century City, and Shangri-la. Ill update this post once I remember the other branches.

As I always say mommies, if your favorite RLR seller has not been included in the post, kindly leave a comment below so I could update the post, or head on over at my FB Page and leave me a message.

Happy shopping!

Here’s a video on how to strip using RLR:


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