Quick, Easy, and Cheap Filipino Dessert Recipes under P100.00


quick, easy, and cheap Filipino dessert recipes under P100.00

Here is a list of some quick, easy, and cheap Filipino dessert recipes under P100.00. (Photo Credits)

As most pastry chefs say, “life is short, eat dessert first,” and so we mommies, no matter how budget conscious we may want to be, have to set aside a little extra for an added sweetness in our life.

Hence I thought of compiling a list of some quick, easy, and cheap Filipino dessert recipes under P100.00

These are all easy to whip up and could serve a family of four. Here is the list:

1. Saba con Hielo – What could be more delicious than glazed or minatamis na overripe saba, with evaporated milk and shaved ice? Who could resist this? For an added oomph, why not add some sago balls. You can buy a piling of Saba for less than P40.00, half a kilo of brown sugar, a can of evap milk, and i am sure, you will even have some extras for meryenda. Here is an easy to follow recipe.

2. Mango Sago – When it is mango season, and you see a lot of overripe bananas in the supermarket, and even in streets, take advantage! Make a smoothie out of the mango, grab and boil some mini sago balls, and you’ve got yourself some Mango Sago! For those who want measurements and procedure, here’s a quick recipe to follow (you may want to omit the condensed milk since the mangoes are usually very sweet, just use evap or whatever milk that is available in your ref — but you can do away with the milk altogether).

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3. Chocolate Clusters – You can buy those very affordable oishi-brand cereal that looks like coco crunch. Buy as well the plain chocolate bars over at the baking aisle of your favorite supermarket, and you’ve got yourself ingredients for chocolate clusters that your kids will surely love to make and eat! If you’ve got change for your P100.00, you can buy some colored sprinkles over at the ice cream section or still in the bakery aisle. Here is a recipe you may wanna follow.
4. Fiesta Ice Candy – Buy a small can of fruit cocktail, a small can of evap milk (or even fresh milk if that is what you have in the house), and presto! You’ve got yourself ingredients for your fiesta ice candy. Just add some sugar and ladle on your existing popsicle makers or ice candy plastic, and you’ve got yourself a healthy popsicle for the kids all under a hundred pesos. I am sure the kids will love helping you out too, and bonus points for another day’s supply of this yummy and cheap dessert!
5. Iced Coffee Jelly – Of course you would not want the kids to have this lest you will be chasing them all day! Anyway, head on over to your favorite supermarket, buy those unflavored gelatin, and two sachets of 2-in-1 black coffee mix (so that you do not have to add sugar). Make this into your gelatin mixture. Pour into a container, let it rest, and then refrigerate. Once the gelatin is set, cut into little squares. Make iced coffee out of three or four sachets of your favorite three-in-one coffee mix, get a shaker, and mix with cold water and ice cubes. In separate glasses, add the coffee jelly and pour in the three in one mixture and put in some ice cubes. Serve! For kids, you may want to substitute the coffee mix/flavor with any kool-aid or tang juice flavor (strawberry?), and then instead of unflavored gelatin, just get strawberry flavored gelatin instead! All under a hundred bucks. If you’ve got an extra change from the one hundred, why not buy those fat colorful straws? 

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Thanks and enjoy the sweet life!

Here’s a video of my favorite dessert Chef Anna Olson, which you may wanna check out:


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