Meatless Meals for the Fam Bam

Cooking Meatless Meals is a work in progress for our family. I know I could survive without beef and Pork (I did for around two years pre-pregnancy), but DH, I doubt. His carnivorous ways are very far away from being able to survive without meat. And why not, they had their own farm years back and he was just raised that way – being a meat lover!

Meatless Meals

Meatless Meals for the Fam Bam. Photo Credits


So the closest thing to going meatless is to have a meatless day a week and just one or two days with red meat, and in between have white meat like chicken breast or fish.

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We should have meatless meals at least once a week, not jut in observance of lent, but also for our health and well-being. (Image from

Sharing with you our list of meat-less, and no red meat meals, that even carnivorous DH enjoys!

1. Tofu and Mushroom with Oyster Sauce – Saute the Tofu, when light brown,  add your choice of mushroom. Add Oyser sauce, and mixture of cornstarch and water. Season to taste. Mix well.
2. Sun Dried Tomato Pasta – Just sauté the minced Sun Dried Tomatoes in EVOO, mix your choice of pasta, and then serve!
3. Spanish Omelette – Saute Onions and Tomatoes. Season  to taste. Pour in beaten eggs. Done.
4. Steamed Tofu with a siding of Spicy Oyster Sauce
5. Tuna Penne Pasta – Saute tuna in EVOO, Season to taste, add pasta of choice.
6. Gamberi Pasta – Sautee Shrimps, add stewed tomatoes. Season to taste. Add pasta of choice. Done.
7. Mushrooms al ajillo – Sautee your favorite mushroom in pure super finely minced garlic and Olive Oil. Add Seasoning (to taste).
8. Mung Bean Soup – Boil Mung Beans until tender. Once tender, in a separate pan, sauté onion, garlic and tomatoes. Add peeled small shrimps.  Add boiled mung beans. Season to taste. Add the ampalaya or Malunggay leaves. Done.
9. Steamed Fish Fillet – Put your fish fillet on a foil. Season with Salt and Pepper. Then add grated ginger, grated garlic, and finely minced onions. Add oyster sauce. If desired, add a dash or two of lemon juice. Steam for 20 minutes then serve.
10. This one is for take out: Puttanesca Pasta and Margherita Pizza in one of our favorite pizza place!
If you are reading this at the time of lent, you may want to read about the lent activities the kids may love, as well as our visita iglesia series.
Check this cooking demo of one of my favorite chefs, chef boy logro, cooking one of my most favorite meatless dishes:
Happy Cooking mommies!

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