How to Give Medicine to a Baby

medicine to a baby

The truths ii learned about giving medicines too a baby. Photo Credits.

End your Misconceptions on giving medicine to a baby.

As i have mentioned in my weekly meal plan post, our little familia has been saddled with allergies that turned into viral infections which sent us sniffles and coughs for the past three weeks.

The past three weeks called for four pedia visits and i am just glad no hospitalization had been required for my babies.

And since i do not want to burden you with the nitty gritty details of my life (haha!), allow me to share with you fellow mommies, some of the truths i discovered on giving medicine to a baby in the past pedia visits.

Here are five truths i have learned on giving medicine to a baby according to our pedia:

1. The five minute rule. If the baby throws up within five minutes after giving the meds, then you have to give the same amount of meds you had him take before he threw up. If the baby throws up after five minutes then you are fine not to give him another dose for that specific time schedule.

2. Wake a sleeping baby. If the pedia instructs you to give meds every 4-6-8-12 hour or so, do it, even if you have to wake up the baby. I know this may be very difficult since we usually want them to rest, but the pedia said the intervals should be followed.

3. All about fever meds. Fever temp is 37.8 Celsius, and fever meds prescribed by your pedia should be administered to your baby as soon as he gets this temperature. IF on his next scheduled dose his temp dropped, give him the required dosage still UNTIL his fever is gone for twelve hours. on the next dose after the 12-hour period, and your baby’s temp is already below fever range, then you may stop administering your fever meds.

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4. Antibiotics and Expiry. Be mindful of the expiration period for antibiotics. Read the label, and make sure you remember that it can only be used for that period of time (some can only be used for seven days without refrigeration, and up to 14 days when refrigerated).

5. Use designated measuring cups/droppers. For older babies, never rely on tablespoons and teaspoons in administering meds, as these may not be accurate. Use the cup or the dropper that came with the medicine, or better yet invest on one. I personally use a syringe (of course without the needle) to give meds to my babies because they tend to be less messy compared to usual droppers. They are cheap too.

Seeing your child sick is disheartening, and the best thing that we can do is to remain consistent in giving them the medicines prescribed by their pedia (as opposed to self-medicating), and bringing them to the follow-up check-up whether they got better or otherwise. Will soon come up with a post on tips on how to give medicines to a baby. For now you may want to watch this video on giving medicine to a baby.

Here is hoping for healthier and happier babies for you mommies!