Where to Buy Quadfold and Trifold Inserts in the Philippines

Where to Buy quadfold and trifold inserts in the Philippines

Where to Buy quadfold and trifold inserts in the Philippines. (Photo Credits)

Ask any experienced Momma of a Cloth Diapered toddler or even an ultra-heavy-wetter baby about their nighttime inserts combo and most likely they will mention tri-fold or quadfold inserts.

And why not? How can you go wrong when you have at least nine layers of bamboo-cotton, bamboo organic or bamboo charcoal absorbing all those nighttime pee?

But where can one buy quadfold and trifold inserts in the Philippines?

You may want to check out some of these shops:

1. Sky’s the limit — They have both the quadfold and the tri-fold inserts. To be specific they have the Bamboo Cotton Trifold (6-layer when folded) which retails at P130.00 each, and then the Bamboo Cotton Quadfold (6-layer when folded) which also retails at P130.00. Check out the availability in their facebook page here.

2. Lucas and Co. –They have a three-layer bamboo charcoal TRIFOLD which is stay dry. They sell it for P130.00 each. We have tried this and it is very absorbent. It also dries up very fast. Check out their shop here.

3. Vezees Closet — They have both the Bamboo Cotton Trifold diaper insert and the Three-Layer Bamboo Charcoal Tri-Fold Insert. The Bamboo cotton retails at P140.00 each, and the Bamboo Charcoal three layer meantime sells for P140.00 as well. As her about bulk discounts in her FB Page.

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4. The Chipper Online Shop –– They sell Tri-fold Charcoal Microfiber which is essentially one layer of Microfiber and one layer of charcoal. Six layers all in all when folded. it is just P110.00 each and they recommend it for Extra Large Diapers. They also have the Bi-fold terry. Check out their FB shop here.

5. Thrifty Mama Shop — They have the stay-dry tri-fold made of two layers of bamboo fabric, and then one layer of microsuede fabric. Equal to nine layers when folded and they recommend it as nighttime soaker for heavy wetters. It retails at P170.00 each. This shop also offers hemp jersey tri folds at P260.00 each. Check out Thrifty Mama here.

6. UPDATED MAY 12, 2016: Bum Stuffs — This FB Shop sells and offers pre-orders for bamboo cotton quadfolds and trifolds. Check out their FB Page here.

As i always say, if your favorite shop has not been mentioned here and you want to recommend it to our fellow CDing moms, then please comment below or leave me a message on My Facebook page so i can update this post.

For my dear readers outside the Philippines, you may want to check out this set of inserts that my Auntie gifted us. yes it is not quad or trifold, but i just use two at a time every night. Hope it helps.

Thanks and happy shopping mommies!

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