Tips on Driving in EDSA Heavy Traffic with Babies and Kids

11 Tips on driving in Heavy EDSA traffic with babies and kids

11 Tips on driving in Heavy EDSA traffic with babies and kids. (Photo Credits)

Heavy traffic is already a given nowadays, but equally stressful is keeping babies from having meltdowns, and making sure that young kids remain at their best behavior inside a vehicle that is at a snail’s pace at best.

I usually drive around the metro with just the littles in tow, and buckling them into their car seats (if you still have yet to buy one — check out this local lazada deal) is just the start of “work” that has to be done while on the road. For expectant mommies who are on the lookout for a great car seat, you may want to check out this infant car seat. That is what we used for the kids at that stage, and this one is what Achi is using right now. There is a local one you can buy off lazada if your kid is in toddler stage — this one can be bought via installment.

Here are some tips to help keep you sane while traversing the heavy traffic roads of the metro.

11 Tips on Driving in EDSA Heavy Traffic with Babies and Kids:

1. Make sure the baby has been nursed, and the older kids have been fed prior to your drive.

2. The diaper should be changed prior to the trip, and the older ones must go to the potty first. (you may want to bring a wee back or extra big diapers for the older tots who may suddenly have the urge to pee in the middle of the bumper-to-bumper traffic).

3. Plan your trip. Although traffic is heavy almost every waking hour everywhere in Metro Manila, there are still window hours when traffic is a little lighter. Plan your trips along those times. From where I do errands, this is usually between 10AM to 3PM. Make sure that you are not forgetting any errand that needs your attention so that you could do all the things you need to do at once.

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4. If your errand is something that does not involve government or commercial transactions, why not schedule your trip on a Sunday when road traffic is more bearable?
5. Bring some toys that could entertain the littles like this. Better yet have toys in a little bag in the car. Babies like links and those you can just clip on their car seats. On the other hand, any type of toy is fair game for older kids.
6. Bring snacks and water in a spill-proof bottle for the older kids. Better if you have a small box type tray for this to minimize crumbs and spills. Of course make sure that your carry-on bag is stocked with all the essentials.
7. Turn on the music! If you are like me who is blessed with a singing diva, then make sure her favorite songs are playing on the background.
8. For little babies — know when to stop. If they are inconsolable no matter what you do, try finding a safe place to stop by for a walk, a diaper change, or nursing session.
9. Train. Sometimes it is all about training the kids to entertain themselves, and be content in their car seat during vehicle rides.
10. Turn it into a learning opportunity. License plate numbers, letters and signage, car colors, can help you to carry out educational games with the kiddos.
11. If your little bean hates his car seat, try some tricks that could make him love it like putting in toys, pasting posters that he could see while he is in the car, making teething toys accessible for him (we put some on chain links–where to buy). If he is screaming and has thrown up, stop and take him out once you  are in a safe place like a gasoline station to check if he has a soiled diaper or wants to nurse. If not strap him up again, and go on. DO NOT let him manipulate you into doing this each time. A little crying would not hurt him, and safety should be the priority. By being firm, even young babies would get the message that they really have to be in the car seat and that you cannot do something about it (because there really is no work around anyway).

Also make sure that the babies and young kids are CORRECTLY strapped into their car seats. Make sure to read the manual, and check the car seat expiration (usually at the bottom) if you are using it on your second or third child or if it is a hand-me-down from a relative (yes car seat expires too). Here is a good resource on car seat safety.

So there you have it. Wishing you a safe and happy ride each time.

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