How to do house chores when everyone is sick

How to do household chores when everyone is sick

How to do household chores when everyone is sick. Photo Credits

Musings on how to do house chores while battling the colds, cough, and flu season

You see, as I have mentioned in my two previous posts, our little family is still saddled in a month-long bout with allergies-turned-viral infection that left everyone sniffling and coughing real bad.

And in the past weeks I was wondering how to do house chores as i was not able to get to my normal routine due to pedia visits here and there, pharmacy errands, extra grocery trips (get more fruits for juicing, and fresh teas for healing), a sick, crabby, and teething infant who I swear would not let me out of her sight for one minute, and a preschooler begging to play, shoot videos, and to do activities.

I was just so glad I had a week’s worth of freezer meals (thanks to weekly meal plans, and meal planning) before the whole allergy fiasco happened, if not, our food budget will be just so dented because of delivery meals!

Anyway, going back to the topic, now that we are slowly getting better, I am trying now to get my groove back – schedule wise.

My mountain-load of laundry – clean that is for folding and sorting; and those that are dirty, is just so hard to tackle. The only thing I could keep up with is the cloth diaper laundry, otherwise, older shirts and PJs come out from the hiding (haha!). Was just happy to have devised a way of catching up with the folding by allowing little shobe to play on her wonderful playgym, while I fold away. I tackle the sorting later on.

For the loading of dirty laundry, I rely on my five year old ring sling to get me through the loading and unloading in the washer. I am loving baby wearing since S showed signs of teething and did not want to be separated from me.

As for my preschooler, I try to find pockets of time to read stories to her, or just try to involve her on my catching up of housework as if it were a special activity or game. Like “delivering” folded socks and undies to the cabinet drawers, as well as sorting out the groceries and stocking the pantry and refrigerator with it. (i earlier wrote about chores a preschooler can do, and i definitely try to ask for her help on those stuff). I did not mind the slow pace, nor some of the misplaced items. I needed any help I could get, and I needed to keep her busy.


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Giving meds was a pain, because some required a full stomach, there were times it should be round-the clock, there was a lot of throwing up, and Achi was sighing and kept on complaining about the “disgusting” meds she had to take. I wrote some of the truths on giving medicines to a baby in this post – it is a good read especially is you are in a season of sickness like us, and have very young kids in the family.

For the chores that I needed to do, and the showers (yes showers – I take at least three because I believe it energizes me) I had to take, I thank God for Disney Junior, Kris TV, and the cooking shows we love to watch. I put little shobe either in the stroller or her pack and play, and then she and achi will be perfectly happy for the next 10-15 minutes.

God gives us a way to survive sick seasons like this. It is rough, and I at times would like to blame my genes for the allergic rhinitis/asthmatic tendencies I have passed on to the kids. But things could be worse, so we should just do the next best thing which is to keep on trucking and embrace the challenge.

God bless fellow mommies!

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