Where to buy Fenugreek for breastfeeding in the Philippines

buy Fenugreek for breastfeeding in the Philippines

Where can you buy Fenugreek for breastfeeding in the Philippines? read on. (Photo Credits)

If you are looking for Fenugreek based products to help you produce more milk, then this post is for you.
I have compiled a list of shops where you can try to buy Fenugreek based products here in the Philippines.
I personally took Fenugreek tea and capsules during the height of my pumping career, back when I still worked full time out of the home. It really helps.

So without further ado, here is where you can buy Fenugreek for breastfeeding in the Philippines:

1. Healthy Options – If you are a health/organic food junkie, then most likely you know the nook and cranny of this local health grocery. Drop by any of their shops, and ask any of their helpful staff if they have Fenugreek available.
2. Babymamaph – Baby Mama has Fenugreek capsules which they retail at P900.00 per jar of 180 capsules. They also have the 100-capsules per jar, which they sell at P600.00. Check out their store here.


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3. GNC – This supplement chain sells fenugreek capsules too. Check out their many branches in various malls.
4. Mama & Bubba – This FB Shop sells Fenugreek Capsules, and even lactation bundles (fenugreek and blessed thistle). Haven’t personally ordered here, but a friend mentioned about this shop, so you may wanna check them out to. Here’s a link to their shop.
5. Quigle Baby – They also sell Feugreek Capsules at P650.00 for 180 capsules. Check it out here.
6. Tina ClicknBuy – Offers Fenugreek seeds which you can grind and mix in your favorite drinks. Here is a link to her FB Shop.
7. OLX – There are also some Fenugreek Sellers here. Just exercise your usual caution in online transactions.

8. UPDATED: MA 16, 2016: Cash and Carry: If you live in the Makati or Manila area, then head to Cash and Carry’s second floor, and among those PX Goods, and Gym Protein Powders and Capsules are Fenugreek Supplements! Go get your Fix of imported goods there too at reasonable prices.

9. UPDATED: MAY 16, 2016: Indian Grocery Stores  — Where else can you find affordable fenugreek powder but in your friendly neighborhood Indian Grocery Store! There’s a big one along Otis in Manila, here’s also TAJ along Bagtikan Street in San Antonio Village in Makati, there’s ASSAD in Mayor Gil Fernando Avenue in Marikina City, another Assad Mini MArt can be found in UN Avenue, in Manila which is super near Unliver’s office there.

So there you have it. Hope you’d be able to order Fenugreek-based products which can hopefully help you produce more breastmilk. I will be updating this post as I discover more shops that sell Fenugreek-Based Products. Again, for the online stores, I included their links so that you could personally check on their prices and product availability.

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