Where to buy or order Lactation Cookies in the Philippines

buy or order lactation cookies in the Philippines

Wondering where to buy or order lactation cookies in the Philippines? Read on. (Photo Credits)

If you are wondering where to buy Lactation Cookies locally, then this post is for you.

I still remember that time when I religiously pumped in the office ever three hours for Achi. I snacked on lactation cookies, and drank hot Malunggay tea along with it.

My pumping career though is for another post, as this one is meant to help you on where you could buy Lactation Cookies in the Philippines.

It is not uncommon actually, and you might even wanna do a DIY/Homemade ones.

Anyway, here are some online shops where you can buy or order Lactation Cookies in the Philippines:

  1. Mommy Treats – This one is what I really buy and eat. They do not only deliver in your house or office, they also join bazaars! I saw mommy Paola once in a bazaar, and as usual, I grabbed some loot. Super yummy. Apart from cookies they also have muffins and brownies that help aid lactation. Check out her store here.
  2. Mama Chows – They sell lactation cookies like the plain oatmeal ones, and pistachio chocolate chips, mini-cheesy lactation cupcakes. Check her out on her FB Page here or via Instagram.


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  1. Crumbs and Grubs – They make Choco-Chip Lactation Cookies, brownies, and soon: Lactation Granola Bars. According to their FB Page their products are “all-natural, organic, and preservative-free ingredients that’s safe for mommies and babies. Our Lactation and Pregnant Mommy snacks are loaded with Fiber-rich Oats and Galactagogues (natural/plant-derived substances that promotes lactation).” Check out their FB Page here.
  2. Babymamaph – They Sell Lactation cookies such as Premium Belgian Callebaut Triple Choco Chip Lactation Boobie Bites in Three day Supply Packs, They also have Mommy Treats lactation brownies and Mommy Treats Lactation Cookies, as well as Premium Belgian Callebaut Milk Chocolate and Almond Lactation Boobie Bites. Check out their Webpage Here.
  3. UPDATED: 11/6/2015: Mom’s Basket — Offers various lactation cookies such as Plain Oat Cookies, Classic Cookies (Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, Oat-Raisin, Red Velvet), Premium Cookies (Nutella, Peanut Butter-Choco Chip, and Spiced Fruit). Prices as of posting range from P250.00 to P389.00 per pack. Here is a link to her FB shop.
  4. UPDATED: 1/11/2016: Mommy Bakes PH: Has Lactation Cookies, Lactation Muffins, Lactation Cupcakes, Lactation Revel Bars, Lactation Macaroons and Lactation Brownies. This Online bakeshop has been making waves and has been featured even in magazines! We have actually featured the WAHM behind Mommy bakes — read the WAHM story of Mommy Rika here. Truly, they are “Making A Milky Difference One Cookie At A Time,” as they say in their FB Info page. Check out their Online Bakeshop here.
  5. UPDATED: May 21, 2016: Delice Bites — Yes, the same FB Store that sells the yummy toasted pastillas, also sells Lactation Treats! They have brownies, oatmeal cookies, and then oatmeal raisin cookies! Check out their online bakestore here.
  6. UPDATED MAY 21, 2016: Mommy Cuddle Hub — Is a Davao-based supplier of Lactation Treats. Mommy Kristal bakes lactation cookies, lactation brownies and lactation muffins and packs them in one-week and three-day supply packs. Their top seller is the lactation cookies choco chip. For their Davao-based clients, they do meetups, also deliveries and they also allow pickups. They ship to Manila and other places outside Davo too via JRS. Check out their FB Page here.

So there you have it. Hope you’d be able to order the lactation cookies you wanna munch on. I will be updating this post as I discover more shops that sell Lactation Cookies. Again, for the online stores, I included their links so that you could personally check on their prices and product availability.

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Thank you so much!

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Leaving you with this video on how to make DIY Lactation Cookies: