Where to buy nursing clothes and breastfeeding gowns in the Philippines

Where to buy nursing clothes and breastfeeding gowns in the Philippines

Where to buy nursing clothes and breastfeeding gowns in the Philippines. (Photo Credits)

Breastfeeding or nursing clothes can be very helpful especially for first time moms who are still trying to get comfortable while breastfeeding in public. It will also be very helpful for working moms who pump breastmilk in the office.

Dresses for special occasions such as breastfeeding-friendly gowns also help a lot especially when a nursing mom has to have her child’s christening, a wedding, a party or any event that will require formal wear.

And while some veteran breastfeeding moms may say that this is not really essential or required to be successful in breastfeeding, nursing dresses and blouses are nice-to-haves because it makes breastfeeding a lot easier.

So for those of you who are looking for nursing tops, breastfeeding-friendly clothes, and nursing dresses, here is —

Where to buy nursing clothes and breastfeeding gowns in the Philippines:

1.Malls and Department Stores – Malls usually have special shops and boutiques that cater to maternity clothes which in turn also carry nursing-friendly wardrobe. Department stores on the other hand, especially huge ones like SM (especially Makati and Megamall branches) and Landmark have home brands and concessionaires that cater to nursing moms. Scour their department stores for good and very affordable finds!

2. Lazada  — If you cannot leave home yet because of your nursling or CS Incision, then Lazadais the way to go. They will deliver right at your doorstep, depending on the final amount of your purchase, you could be eligible for free shipping, and some products could even be settled via cash on deliver. Check out this breastfeeding-friendly gown which you can buy here.

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3. Elin.PH has a wide range of breastfeeding-friendly clothes that can be used for casual wear, office wear (for pumping mamas), and even on special occasions (like your child’s first birthday, christening, a wedding that you suddenly have to attend). They have Maxi Nursing Dresses, Dressy tops, and even nursing-friendly gowns. Check out their online store here.

4. Nursing Mommies PH – is a one-stop shop for breastfeeding needs also has a wide selection of breastfeeding-friendly clothes in the Philippines. They have nursing tops, and breastfeeding dresses that are really nice. They also have everyday breastfeeding-friendly tops and tanks. Here is a link to their website.

5. Mama.Baby.Love – Yes, the same shop that is famous for menstrual cups also has a good selection of nursing clothes particularly breastfeeding and pumping friendly tank tops. Check out their website here.

6. Mamaway PH – Has a variety of nursing tops and breastfeeding friendly clothes for everyday, casual, office clothes, and even for special occasions. Check out their website here.

 7. Zalora.com.ph – has a good selection of nursing friendly clothes and stylish maternity dresses. Check out their online shopping platform here.

 8. FB Based Online Shops – You may want to check out the stylish breastfeeding-friendly tops and lovely flowy nursing-friendly dresses at Mommy Matters, Mommyfide PH, Mama Bella, Tina Dominic, and more.

9. Bazaars – yes, bazaars, tiangges and the like, especially those at mom-related events have booths and sellers that sell nursing clothes at budget-friendly prices. Try your luck there too!

10. The Pre Loved Market – Yes BSTs, OLX, and even Second-Hand Shopping Stores also have nursing clothes you just have to be discerning, cautious, and patient in scouring the virtual clothes market, or the brick or mortar ukay-ukayan for great finds! Most likely this is where you will find the cheapest breastfeeding-friendly clothes.

11. UPDATE: September 02, 2016: Mommy Bear PH — If you like cute dresses and happy flowy blouses then this is the Facebook-based shop for you. Check the site here.

12. UPDATED Oct 11, 2016: Ellie and Me PH — If you are looking foor maternity and nursing wear that can be wor even in formal ocassions, then check out this FB and Instagram Based Shop! They also have everyday clothes too that are nice enough to be worn even in the office! here is their FB site.

13. UPDATED Oct 11, 2016: 9 Months and Beyond —  If you are the type of client who wants to physically see items prior to purchasing the head to 9 Months and Beyond’s shop at Malingap Street in Teachers’ Village, Quezon City.  They sell great looking maternity and nursing wear for modern and chic mamas! Here is a link to their FB Site.

14. UPDATED Feb 20, 2017: Kaypeebaby — Check out Kaypeebaby’s wide array of nursing and maternity clothes in their online store here. They have nursing and maternity clothes that you can wear everyday, in the office, and even in day time events. Check out their nice floral dresses that are just in time for the summer! Bonus is they have nursing ponchos, diapers, plus other kiddie apparels in their web store. Apart from their website, they also have a physical store in Robinsons Metroeast – Mondaze, UGF and Podium – Sewn&CO 4/F, Markati.

So there you have it, hope I have been able to help you find  nursing clothes and breastfeeding gowns in the Philippines. I will be updating this post as soon as i discover more stores that sell nursing wear. If you have the time, hope you could drop by my Facebook page and hit the like button, so you can receive regular updates from Happypinaymommy.com direct on your newsfeed.

Thank you so much!

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