Where to buy hands-free pumping bra in the Philippines

buy hands-free pumping bra in the philippines

Wondering where you can buy hands-free pumping bra in the Philippines? Read on. (Photo Credits)

As a breastfeeding mom who used to pump regularly for more than a year, i can say that a hands-free pumping bra helps a lot in terms of convenience.

But where can a pumping momma buy one?

I have compiled a list of online stores where you may purchase some.

You may buy hands-free pumping bra in the Philippines in these stores:

1. Lazada — they have hands-free pumping bra that they sell individually and in two-per-set-packages. They are actually on sale and you may get it here.  If you are out to beat the traffic and you are the type to order online and would love to pay on a cash on delivery basis then Lazada is the online store for you.

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2. Mama Bella — This FB store retails pumping bra which comes with a free extender. Check out the colors in their FB shop here.

3. Baobao babies — Another facebook shop that sells hands-free pumping bra. They carry the Shaparee line in two colors as of last check. Take a look at the products here.

4. OLX –– this online selling site also features entries on hands-free pumping bras. Just exercise your usual caution in transacting with sellers as some of them do not have an online shop where you could make follow-ups.

5. BabymamaPH — They do not exactly have the Hands-free Pumping Bra per se but they are selling a contraption that could enable hands-free-pumping. Check it out here.

6. UPDATED: 11/6/2015 Tiny Tots — This Facebook Shop sells Eezy Pump Hands-free Nursing Bra , sold for just P499.00 as of posting. Check out their store here.

7. UPDATED:  May 21, 2016 TwoMamas Baby and Nursing Supplies   Sells a Hands-free Pumping Bra that can be worn four ways and with adjustable sizing that comes with three rows of hook-eye closure plus FREE bra extender. The bras have lightly padded cups, and fit most major breast pumps. Here’s a link to their FB Page. 

So there you have it. Hope you will be able to get a couple of pairs of hands-free pumping bra from any of the above-mentioned online outlets.

If you are looking out for inspiration on exclusively pumping, then i recommend this e-book entitled Exclusively Pumping Breast Milk: A Guide to Providing Expressed Breast Milk for Your Baby,” which you can buy here. For about Php500.00 you can have read the e-book on your mobile device at your own convenience.

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