Where to buy washable breast pads in the Philippines

Where to buy washable breast pads in the Philippines

Where to buy washable breast pads in the Philippines? Read on. (Photo Credits)

If you area breastfeeding mom who wants to use washable nursing pads then this blog post is for you.

I have compiled a list of some of the shops that sell washable cloth nursing pads or breast pads, which you may want to check out. For my dear US-based readers, my sister-in-law has been raving about this brand. You may wanna check out this Brooklyn Bamboo Organic Washable Nursing Pads that come in a pack of eight. Super absorbent, easy to wash, and does not retain smell. Anyway going back to local, you may wanna check out the list i compiled below.

Here is where you can buy washable breast pads in the Philippines:

  1. Department Stores – Rustan’s, SM, Robinson’s, and even Landmark sell washable nursing pads. Some are too flimsy, some are okay. I remember there is the Bebeta brand, as well as other brands that are even lace-y. They are not so expensive, and are sold in the baby section.
  2. Vezees Closet – Carries washable nursing pads that are made of bamboo charcoal which they sell at P100.00 per pair. They have numerous designs too. Check out the FB Store here.

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  1. The Chipper Online Shop – I saw in their marked down prices corner that they have a promo for breast pads. Five pairs for just P350.00. Check out the availability here.
  2. Cherub;s Necessities – Has the cloth nursing pads made of three-layer Bamboo terry, bamboo cotton and minky. They sell it at P75.00 per pair. Go to their shop here.
  3. Cheeky Bebe—They have bamboo Charcoal washable nursing pads which they sell at Php 75.00 each
    or Buy 5pcs for only Php 350.00. here is a link to their shop.
  4. Lazada – They have the LBB Reusable Nursing Pad. A set of six sells for P705.00. Check it out here. Lazada also has the Charlie Banana Reusable Breast pads — it is plain white, three pairs, and comes with a travelling pouch for if you want to bring an extra pair — buy it here.
  5. UPDATED: Mommy’s Little Boss — They have the bamboobies nursing pads! Check it out here.
  6. UPDATED: Sept 02, 2016: Bambino Baby Shop — If you are looking for organic cotton breast pads, then this is the FB Online shop you oughtta check out! Bambino Baby Shop sells breastpads that are made or organic cotton layers and a waterproof layer, that come with a mini wetbag! Check it out here.
  7. UPDATED: Sept 02, 2016: Shoppee.ph — Check out shoppee.ph’s many sellers of washable breast pads here, at discounted prices, and even free shipping fee! Download their mobile app or check out their website here.

So there you have it. Again as I usually say, I have provided the links to these shops so you could personally check out the availability and the pricing of these items that I have mentioned. It may have changed by the time you are reading this.

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