Where to buy Cloth Diaper for Newborn in Manila

Where to buy cloth diaper for newborns in manila

Would you like to know where to buy cloth diaper for newborns in manila? Read on. (Photo Credits)

If you are pregnant and interested in using cloth diapers on your newborn from day 1, then you are probably wondering now where you could buy cloth diapers for your baby.

The good news is you can buy cloth diapers for your little one from both physical stores like malls and shops, or from Facebook and online sellers. In fact you can even have customized, hand-sewn diapers from our local work-at-home-moms who make Hybrid Fitted Diapers.

Anyway, seasoned cloth diapering mamas would usually advice to use flats and covers during the newborn stage as newborns poop and pee a lot. It is easier to wash and dry flats, and they are very economical too.

I will soon come up with a post on where to buy flat diapers soon, but for now, we will be concentrating on where you can buy cloth diaper for newborns in manila. You may also want to check out my earlier posts on alternative shopping places for your newborn, as well as the four household items that you can pack on your hospital bag. For my dear readers outside the Philippines, you may want to check out this newborn diapers from Thirsties.

Anyway, here is where you can buy Cloth Diaper for Newborn in Manila:

1. Department Stores – Rustan’s, SM Department Store, Robinson’s Department Store, as well Landmark carry a lot of newborn cloth diapering solutions, particularly flat diapers (usually Enfant, St. Patrick’s, Chino Pino, Curity, Cotton Wishes, Sesame Street, their store brand (e.g. SM Basics), and many more. They also have cloth diaper covers that range from 80.00 each (So-En If I am not mistaken) to around P700.00 per piece for the Enfant brand.

2. Specialty Shops for Kids – Enfant, Mothercare, Babyland, Baby and Company, as well as other baby boutiques usually carry flat diapers for newborns. Enfant has its own line of gauze and birds eye diapers which they make available in both their shops and their areas in these department stores.

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3. Divisoria – Yes, in Divi, at the baby’s section, they carry very affordable diaper covers, as well as flat diapers. 11/88 In particular has some modern cloth diapers, check out this old post about the exact whereabouts – and check the availability of their newborn sizes.

4. Baclaran – They have flat diapers too, as well as very affordable covers (less than P50.00 each).

5. Online Shops – Check out the Online stores of Quigle Baby, Fluffy Pwets, Cheeky Bebe, Thrifty Mama Shoppe, Lazada, and check out their newborn cloth diapering essentials. Lazada for instance has his unbranded newborne cloth diapers which you may get here. They also have flat diapers like this Enfant gauze diapers. They also have cloth diaper covers like this Chino Pino. If you want to do online shopping, and pay cash on delivery or what then Lazada is your best bet.

6. Facebook Shops – I will be tackling this along with the online sellers, in a more detailed post but for the meantime here are some of the FB shops that sell Newborn cloth diapers: The Chipper Online (they even have for preemies!), GoLand Cloth Diapers Closet, Washable Cloth Diapers, and Snappy Nappy. Most of these shops carry pocket cloth diapers in newborn size like the Alva Newborn plus other brands. They also carry newborn covers. Will write more about this soon. Click on the respective shop names for the links to the shops.

As I always say, if you have a shop in mind that sells good quality cloth diapers for newborns please leave a comment below, or head on over to My Facebook Page and leave me a message

Happy Cloth Diapering!

Here meanwhile is a video on cloth diapering a newborn:


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