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Shop for Your Newborn on a Budget: Look Beyond Malls

Shop for your newborn

Look beyond malls and get to save! Alternative Places to SHop for your Newborn. (Photo Credits: Raymond Brown, cc: Some Rights Reserved)

Once you have decided on the stuff to buy for your newborn you more or less are overwhelmed already because of the many items you would have to buy and how much money you have to allot on these.
So the next question is how do you stretch that budget to accommodate everything on your list?
I say look beyond the malls and shop elsewhere!
Here’s a list of alternative places to shop for your newborn:
1. Online – This is the newest shopping mecca that is just at the palm of your hands! If you have online banking or credit card, or even G-Cash or Smart Money, then you would no longer have to leave the confines of your own home. Lazada will even deliver diapers at your doorstep. In fact if you like online shopping but you are not too keen on the idea of advancing payment before getting your order shipped or processed then Lazada is your best bet. hey even have Cribs, Playpens, Car Seats, Strollers, and other baby furnishings on sale. They are usually cheaper than malls and department stores simply because they only have a warehouse, and online presence to maintain. No rents and too high operational expenses that will just be passed on to consumers. And the best part is, you do not get caught in EDSA traffic anymore when shopping! What i do is I do window shopping in malls, but make my final purchase at Lazada. Go to their baby section here. FB and OLX Shops offer what traditional brick-and-mortar stores do not carry, like imported goods that range from diaper creams, swaddlers, cloth diapers, lotions etc.

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2. Consignment Stores – There is nothing wrong with buying second hand especially if you know how to completely disinfect these. Newborn stuff you may buy on consignment shops include strollers, and even non-teething toys. If you will be purchasing a crib from here, make sure that you carefully inspect it.

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3. Shop Second Hand – You can do so online, and garage sales! One of the reasons why cloth diapers are so cost-efficient is because you can buy it second-hand or if youbuy new ones, you can resell it after you no longer need it.

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4. Thrift Stores and Bazaars –Nowhere else but DIVI! Divisoria Mall and 168 could be your best bet, and if your pregnancy is not-so-sensitive, make the trek before you become toohuge to walk the narrow aisles. The Lucky Chinatown Mall is a good sprigboard for divisoria shopping because you can leave your car there, and then start shopping at 168.

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5. Good Old Malls – I know I mentioned alternative to usual shopping areas, but who can resist clearance sales, and heavily discounted promos? Watch out for these, especially for big ticket purchases like car seats and cribs which you may want to buy brand new. If you have a loyalty card, then watch out for special sales. SM for instance have special discounts for ladies every Nth Wednesday of the month, where for a given two or three hours, an additional ten percent discount will be given to the shopper.

The key in getting more bang for your buck is to be on the look out for sales, discounts, and good buys. You can even muster the courage to ask relatives and friends who had babies, if they want to sell their used baby stuff to you. You will never know, they might even give it to you for free 

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