Where to Buy Flip Cloth Diaper Covers in the Philippines

Buy Flip CLoth Diaper Covers in the Philippines

Wanna know where to Buy Flip CLoth Diaper Covers in the Philippines? (Photo Credits)

If you have been searching for shops where you can buy Flip cloth diaper covers then this post may be very helpful for you.

I have compiled a list of Online Shops and FB stores that sell Flip covers locally.

Where to buy Flip Cloth Diaper Covers in the Philippines:

1. RAAK Naturals — This FB Store carries Flip Cloth Diaper Covers in very attractive colors and designs. They also have the Flip Disposable Inserts and sells them for P1,000.00 per pack of two at 18 pieces per pack. As of posting date they are on sale and have flip cover bundles as very irresistible prices. Check out her store here.

2. Quigle Baby — They have stocks of Flip Cloth Diaper Covers from time to time. Check out the availability here.

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3.  Baby in Style — They have on hand stocks of Flip Cloth DIaper COvers in various colors. As of posting, it retails at P750.00 per piece. Check out the store here.

4. Baby Chic Boutique — They carry even printed Flip Cloth Diaper Covers! As of posting, they have a very, very, hard-to-resist Set Deal! Flip Covers Limited Edition Patch & Osa = P1,800. Check if it is still available here.

5.  Shiela Kabigting Erese — She also has Flip Covers in dazzling colors! Check out the availability here.

I have provided the links, ladies so just check out the availability or pre-order schedules of each shop. You may also want to double-check with them on the prices.

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Thank you and let’s spread the love for cloth diapers!

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