Where to Buy Fitted Cloth Diapers in the Philippines

buy fitted diapers in the Philippines

Looking to buy fitted cloth diapers in the Philippines? Read On. (Photo Credits)

If you are looking for breathable Cloth Diapers for “presko time,” then better buy Fitted Cloth Diapers in the Philippines. Luckily, fitted cloth diapers are available locally, mostly through Online and Facebook stores.

Fitted Diapers should not be confused with Hybrid Fitted Diapers. Fitted Diapers are absorbent cloth diapers but have no waterproof layer unlike pocket diaper systems. It is usually used in the home for ‘presko time’ for when you want your baby’s bottom to rest from using pocket diapers with waterproof cover that is not breathable. If you want to make it water-proof, you will have to use diaper covers.

Hybrid fitted cloth diapers can hold more pee in, thanks to its poly fleece layer, and soakers, plus boosters that come with it. Unlike fitteds, it can last for three hours even without a cover, and depending on the booster, it can even be used overnight. It can also be custom made, thank to local work-at-home moms who make hybrid fitted diapers. I have written a series of posts on where you could buy these custom-made (yes, you can choose your own fabric plus boosters), handcrafted hybrid diapers. You may check out the post here.

For my readers from outside the country, here is a fitted diaper you may want to check out.

Anyway, going back to fitted diapers, yes, you can buy them locally for your baby’s presko time.

Here are the shops where you can buy fitted cloth diapers in the Philippines:

1. Quigle baby – Sells Bamboo Velour Fitted Cloth Diapers in various colors that will surely make that little bum all the more adorable! They describe the product as “soft, snuggly and purely breathable, this fitted cloth diaper has 8 layers (6 Layers for the Soaker and 2 layers for the shell) of absorbent and organic materials. Great option for those who need more absorbency and yet prefer ultra breathable materials. It can be used alone for a very absorbent and yet very breathable, perfect as Presko Time. To make it waterproof, a cover works well with this diaper. Retails at P350.00 each. Check out their website here.

2. Baby Chic Boutique – They have one-sized fitted diapers in various pretty colors. Outer is made of velour while the inner is made of bamboo cotton fleece. “It comes with 2 soakers made of 3 layers of bamboo cotton fleece, giving you 6 layers of very soft and absorbent material.“ It retails at P480.00 each.

Apart from their own brand they also carry fitted diaper brands from the United States. Check pricing and availability here.


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3. Cheeky Bebe – They carry the brand Naughty Baby. The bamboo velour fitted diapers come in a lot of happy colors for both girls and boys. Retails at just P295.00 each, it has a bamboo velour outer, and bamboo cotton inner, plus to pieces of three-layer Bamboo Cotton Insert. Go to their store now.

4. Jasmine Summer — This Facebook Shop carries fitted diapers in a variety of colors that are easy on the eyes. No price or product description indicated though, so you may wanna inquire through her page.

5. UPDATED: Pooppee Trap — This Local WAHM Brand is behind the popuar Lampwets which a lot of Fitted Fans rave about! Check out their FB Page here.

6. UPDATED: Squishy Darling — This one of a kind plain and fitted diapers are so squishy and soft, and are of course available from a Local WAHM 🙂 Check out their FB page here.

7. UPDATED: 01 June 2016. White Snaps — Is a Taytay based cloth diapering shop that offers fitted presko time cloth diapers. Apart from their weekly stocking events, they also have a pwesto in a Tiangge in Taytay. They come up with fun prints, and soft fitted diapers that will definitely bore a hole in your pocket. They have several resellers too. Here is the link to their FB Page.

8. UPDATED: 1 Sept 2016. Weehugs — Sells Bamboo Velour Fitted Cloth Diapers in Solid Plush Colors. Check out their FB Page here.

Will be updating this post from time to time. If your favorite fitted supplier has not been included in the above list, please leave a comment below or head on over at my Facebook Page, and leave me a message.

Thank you ladies and happy shopping.

Leaving you with a video on how to use fitted diapers:


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