Where to Buy Flat Cloth Diapers in the Philippines

buy flat cloth diapers in the Philippines

Want to know where you could buy buy flat cloth diapers in the Philippines? Read on. (Photo credits)

It is the oldest, easiest, and most economical cloth diapering system and it spanned many, many generations already.

Yes, flat diapers or in the vernacular, the traditional lampin. There are mainly two types — the bird’s eye and the gauze (actually, there is a third wheel — the Katsa). It can be used as is for breathable kapreskohan, as a soaker (especially during newborn stage) for your diaper covers, as a diaper insert and more. It also becomes an instant blankie, burp cloth, or even nursing cover. When baby outgrows it it instantly becomes a pansapin sa likod, or plain pampunas. Personally i use it as an additional insert for our pockets, as well as extra soaker for our covers. We have about two dozen from Achi plus a dozen additional for Shobe, and we are well and fine with that number since it also doubles as burp cloth etc.

For flats, there is not much foreign brands being sold in the country, mostly are made locally. So if you want branded ones then your best bet is Amazon and have it delivered to you via LBC.

Anyway, here’s a list of places where can you buy flat cloth diapers in the Philippines:

1. Department storesRustan’s, SM, Robinson’s, and Landmark carry various brands of flat cloth diapers, in fact they even have their own store brand for this. Other common brands sold in department stores include: Enfant, Cotton Wishes, Curity, Chino Pino, Sesame Street, St. Patricks, So-En, and more.

2. Divisoria and Baclaran — if you want the lowest priced flat diaper then head on over to these two frugalista havens and you’ll be able land the cheapest traditional lampins in town! Don’t forget to buy your fasteners too!

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3. Online StoresQuigle Baby has one layer Hemp Organic Cotton Jersey Flats which they sell at P195.00 each; Thrifty Mama Shoppe carries Curity Birds Eye and Gauze Cloth Diapers;

Cudsly sells the brand Beginnings: a dozen of Gauze Diapers is at P749.00, Birdseye meantime sells at P439.90 for both the standard sizes. Cudsly sells also Beginnings Flat Diapers by the half dozen, as well as cloth diapers in smaller sizes.

Lazada sells Enfant Cloth Diapers for P550.00 for a pack of six pieces —buy it here.

4. Facebook shopsCherub’s Necessities has Curity and CJ Flat Lampins (both birdseye and gauze); Zyji on the other hand sells printed cloth diapers which it retails for five pieces for P480.00

5. The Neighborhood Wet Market — Yes sister! You can have manang or yaya buy it for you in the palengke by half or one dozen packs.

6. UPDATED Aug 27, 2016: All About Cloth By Zoey — Cding moms are raving about these custom flats made by Mommy Mariz (Check out our WAHM Feature on her here), while most of the moms use her various custom combo flats as stand alone inserts and soakers that are just perfect for heavy wetters, some moms also choose to use them as traditional lampin style or flat diapers. Join her FB Group here for slot takings and product updates. You won’t regret!

7. UPDATED Sept 04, 2016: Cudsly.com — If you are looking for a one-stop shop for your baby needs which may include flat diapers then this is the online store to shop from. They carry the super soft Beginnings brand, and Enfant — both in gauze and birdseye. Here is a link to their webstore.

So there you have it, hope to hear your feedbacks, shopping experience or even stories on cloth diaper love, please head on over to my facebook page 🙂

Happy Cloth Diapering!!!

Leaving you with this tutorial on ways of using flat diapers:


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