Happypinaymommy.com’s WAHM of the Week #15, Mommy Maria Isabel Allardo Jaranilla of All about Cloth by Zoey

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The first ever Work-at-Home Mommy of the Week that we will be featuring for this year is a Cloth Diaper WAHM who is known for making customized cloth diaper inserts. She is actually a top of mind WAHM when it comes to custom inserts, such that whenever a new cloth diapering mama would ask for recos on specialized inserts, she will most likely be tagged into the thread as a reco.

Now she is venturing into making customized hybrid fitted cloth diapers as well. The CDs that she sews are now earning rave reviews from her clients. Apart from being a cloth diaper WAHM she also does online selling of products of a networking company.

So when I say let us start the year right, let us start the year right by featuring a very inspiring story.

Happypinaymommy.com’s 15th Work-at-Home Mommy of the Week, Mommy Maria Isabel Allardo Jaranilla of All About Cloth by Zoey.

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This is the longest that I have gone without coming out with a WAHM of the Week feature. Obviously, the series is supposed to come out weekly, but with the many happy chaotic events that marked my December, my January had become a month of catching up on all the backlogs that I have – be it here in the blog, or at home. You should really see our laundry room!

Anyway, too much for all the explaining, the extended hiatus on this series, obviously extended my research, informal interview turned life chats with Mommy Isabel. She is a very pleasant person, whom I found to be very deep, inspiring, and bold enough to speak her mind.

Mommy Isabel obviously loves her craft so much, that she finds joy in sewing her products. I am even more surprised because for the busy mom and person that she is, she still finds time to do charity works like donating cloth diapers to an orphanage, and even donating her locks to cancer patients!

Mommy Isabel's Customized Cloth Diaper

Mommy Isabel’s Customized Cloth Diaper

Of course, her first priority is being a mom to little Zoey. I haven’t seen Zoey in person but I have seen a lot of her and heard a lot of her antics as mommy Isabel posts from time to time about their happy moments together. I can say that this little tot is just so lucky to have Mommy Isabel as her mother because as Mommy Isabel said in one of our chats, she is working hard to give all the best to Zoey.

Mommy Isabel chose to work from home to be with little Zoey all the time. And like the WAHMs we have featured last year, Mommy Isabel wanted to see her daughter grow before her own eyes. So, her days may be full because of work errands, personal errands, home chores, and mommy duties, but Mommy Isabel says she is happy where she is and in what she is doing.

Here is an excerpt of my interview with Mommy Isabel:

Happypinaymommy.com: When did you decide to be a WAHM?

Mommy Isabel: My previous company did not allow me to work because I had a very delicate pregnancy. That’s why I decided to resign and stay at home for the rest of my pregnancy. We had five trips to the Emergency Room due to force labor. During those times I promised my baby to have one full year to personally take care of her. But I was not able to keep that promise. (After a year of staying home with Zoey) I told myself one more year. Hahaha… Never ending reasons and unfailing love keeps me working from home while taking care of her. I am a single mom.

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HPM: What made you decide to be a WAHM?

Mommy Isabel: The main reason why I decided to be a WAHM is the fact that I can’t feel in my heart that there will be someone who will take better care of my kid than me. I can’t trust other people to raise my kid. Plus I want to see her grow with my very eyes.

HPM: What is the greatest challenge you have faced in relation to being a WAHM?

Mommy Isabel: Being a WAHM is very, very, very tiring but fulfilling. Being a WAHM is like being your own brand of a superwoman. The greatest challenge is the financial aspect but with a lot of discipline and courage… “KAYANG-KAYA NAMAN”. Staying at home, thinking of the bills, taking care of the house, yourself and a toddler is never easy. You need to be a little more mindful of your time. Management is the key of a successful and happy WAHM.

Custom cloth diapers

In Mommy Isabel’s own words, here is how her custom cloth diaper projects have evolved.

HPM: What advice can you give to those who may want to become a WAHM?

Mommy Isabel: Make use of your time. Exert effort to be productive. You cannot expect all the good things to come in a golden platter when you wish them to. You have to work. In the world where we live now, everything is made simple and fast. If you want to put up a business with little amount of capital in your hand, then move and take the first step. Try to learn as many information as you can about the business you want to put up. Try it yourself. Experience is your best teacher. The best sales person are the ones who know what they are talking about.

HPM: Who inspires you?

cloth diaper wahm philippines

Mommy Isabel’s inspiration to word doubly hard and feel all the goodness that life has to offer is her little toddler, Zoey.

Mommy Isabel: My kid. The burning desire of giving her the best keeps me going.

HPM: Can you tell us how your usual day/week goes?

Mommy Isabel: “My working hours are my kid’s sleeping and napping times. She usually sleeps 10pm until around 9-10am. During this time I am busy cutting my fabrics, washing the dishes, washing her clothes and diapers, cleaning the house, etc. I make sure to finish as much work as I can. Then when she wakes up. I will feed her. Bathe her. Play with her. Then I go to the shop where I am renting an edging machine to sew my inserts.

Before, I let people from the shop sew the inserts. But because I am wise… Hahaha… I took the opportunity to learn how to do it myself with the masters around me. Brilliant isn’t it?

Mommy Isabel's Six Layer Bamboo Hemp bifold

Mommy Isabel’s Six Layer Bamboo Hemp bifold

Then, I do my banking errands with my kid in tow. I write my waybills while she’s playing beside me. I think i’m just too lucky that I have a well-behaved baby who seems to understand the need to do things at a certain time. I always talk to her. Tell her what I need to do. And I know in my heart she understands.”

And like our past WAHM of the WEEK Features we also asked for testimonials on the products of Mommy Isabel.

Mommy Michelle Joy Agtang is one of Mommy Isabel’s highly satisfied clients. She says, “Isabel is a very kind, humble lady. I was in search of an insert for my Fluffy Ds fitted when I met her. She is really nice – from thoroughly answering my PMs, reserving my items and patiently waiting for her payment. Her handcrafted inserts are excellent, the bifolds I got from her are my favorite. The performance is indeed amazing as I combine them with her hemp inserts and prefers to use them at night, where it can last us 12hrs the most. And what I admire more about her is her advocacy to help her fellow mothers find the perfect insert that will fit their needs at an affordable price.”


Mommy Isabel’s Premium Bifold has as much as ten layers when inserted on a nappy: Premium Bifold has
√ 10 Layers when folder and is made of three Layers Bamboo Cotton French Terryy, and two layers of hemp fleece. She has other fabric options for her bifolds too.

Another happy customer is Mommy Majic Navarro-Recta. She first ordered customized inserts from Mommy Isabel “27months at med-heavy wetter ang toddler ko. After three washes ng BCFT ko nakakaya na niya mag overnight without boost ang ganda pa ng fit kasi sakto siya sa nappy ko at hindi din makapal. Andami ko na actually na-order kay sis isabel mga booster, HF soaker and bifolds. At lahat nagwork!”

Bamboo Cotton French Terry Cloth Diaper Insert

Here is what Mommy Isabel’s BFCT is made of: Five Layers Bamboo Cotton French Terry; Stand alone day time insert; Thin and light weight; Length: 13 inches; Width: 5 inches; Best fits BG, Quigle Bum, Alva, Baby land etc.

And because she is satisfied with the custom inserts, she decided to try out Mommy Isabel’s handmade Cloth Nappies. “Ang cute ng mga nappy ni sis isabel meron na akong dalawa. First nappy may kaunting run pa pero maganda ang fit sa anak ko nasa smallest setting kame more room to grow maganda din yung AWJ makapal plus galaxy pa ang print nun dream print ko. For the Second nappy wow anlaki ng improvement super linis ng tahi no run! Smallest setting paden kame.”

She continues, “Sobrang creative ni sis isabel sa mga fabric niya magagawa at magagawan niya ng paraan yung mga natitira niyang fabric! Yung soaker maganda din naglalast talaga siya overnight para sa med-heavy wetter na anak ko plus manipis pa kaya maganda gamitin hindi bulky at pwede pa magpacustomized insert sakanya very flexible naman siya sa mga request at mapapansin na made with love talaga. Nakita ko kung pano nag-improve ang mga nappy niya mula sa una hangang sa ngayon at matutuwa ka kasi hindi siya sumusuko na mas pagandahin pa ang mga creations niya plus may magandang puso dahil most nappy na ginawa niya nung una ay PIF madami siyang batang natulungan.”

So there you have it. Hope you have been inspired with the WAHM experience of Mommy Isabel. If you have a Work-From-Home-Mom that you would want to be featured, please feel free to head on over to my Facebook Page and leave me a message. Please hit the like button too so you could receive updates from Happypinaymommy.com directly on your newsfeed.

A happy homemaker is a Happy Pinay Mommy!

Leaving you with a video on how to work from home with kids:

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