Happypinaymommy.com’s WAHM of the Week #14, Mommy Jay Anne Kho-Tacbas of Tahi Kho Cloth Diapers

Tahi Kho Cloth Diapers

Happypinaymommy.com’s 14th Work-at-Home-Mommy of the Week started selling when she was in Elementary School. She started sewing custom made cloth diapers this year, and she hosts one of the happiest local cloth diaper mom groups.

Without further ado, let me introduce to you happypinaymommy.com’s 14th WAHM of the Week, Mommy Jay Anne Kho-Tacbas of Tahi Kho Cloth Diapers.

Tahi Kho Cloth Diapers

Happypinaymommy.com’s 14th WAHM of the Week: Mommy Jay Anne of Tahi Kho Cloth Diapers

Like most of the Work-At-Home-Moms that we have featured, Mommy Jay Anne chose to work from home to be able to be with her little boy, Marko 24/7. She admits she wanted to raise her son the way she was raised as a kid, because her own mom stayed home as well.

In the local cloth diapering community, Tahi Kho cloth diapers is starting to gain ground. Ask local HF fans and they will tell you that the Tahi Kho Cloth Diaper group is a fun, lively FB group to hang out in – sort of an online barkadahan for cloth mommies.

Anyway, for those of you who are thinking of becoming a WAHM or if you are considering to put up an online business –

Sharing with you the Excerpts of our Interview with Mommy Jay Anne of Tahi Kho Cloth Diapers:

Happypinaymommy.com: When did you decide to be a WAHM?

Mommy Jay Anne: I’ve always been a seller since I was in grade school (Stickers, anyone? Hehe). Growing up, I knew for a fact that I would like to become just like my mom one day, leaving her job to focus on being a full-time mom. Since I enjoy selling, there! Tahi-Kho started just this 2015, March.

HPM: What made you decide to be one?

Mommy Jay Anne: When my friend and I got addicted to buying cloth diapers, she told me, why not learn how to sew? We could both save money!

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HPM: What is the greatest challenge you have faced in relation to being a WAHM?

Mommy Jay Anne: I can only sew when Marko is asleep. Time management is the key.

Tai Kho Cloth Diapers

Mommy Jay Anne’s Handmade Cloth Diapers. She explains “these are my favorite nappies! Obviously because the other is specially customized for son, Marko. I love the colorful dots and how vibrant it is! So playful — just like my son! The other one is my halloween nappy. I love how the cobwebs and spiders stand out! It has an inner orange cotton velour too!”

HPM: What advice can you give to those who may want to become a WAHM?

Mommy Jay Anne: Have passion in whatever you do. Take risks; it is hard at first, but everything else will follow. Make your family your first priority; after all, they are the main reason why you’re doing it.

Tahi Kho Cuddle CUbes

The baby that inspired Tahi Kho Cloth Diapers — Little Marko. Here he is playing with one of his mom’s bestselling products, the Cuddle Cubes. Mommy Jay Anne describes the cuddle cubes as “a colorful soft cube toy with different textures and ribbons on each side, which will encourage your child to explore and discover things.”

HPM: Who inspires you?

Mommy Jay Anne: My family. Being with Marko 24/7 is more than enough to make me do anything for him. My parents. They make me want to raise my own family just like they did. My customers. They’ve become more than just clients- they’ve become friends whom I can talk to any time of the day.

HPM: How does your husband/partner support you?

Mommy Jay-Anne's Family.

Mommy Jay-Anne’s Family. Take a look at their his and hers sneakers! Sweet and cute at the same time 🙂

Mommy Jay Anne: He’s very supportive. When I told him I wanted to sew HFs and baby stuff, he gave me a sewing machine for my birthday!!! How sweet is that?!

HPM: Can you tell us how your usual day/week goes?

Mommy Jay Anne: I am also a freelance Architect; I visit my project once a week. I work on my drawings when Marko is sleeping or is busy with his grandparents and aunties. But my usual day goes like this: Marko wakes up at around 5-6am, so I get to start my day early. I can sew when he is asleep during the afternoon, which is my only time to do stuff like that. During the evening, while the little one is fast asleep, I watch movies/television with my husband.

Mommy Jay-Anne says, as a WAHM you should always remember that your family is your priority, and that they are your reason why you chose the path of Working from Home.

Mommy Jay-Anne says, as a WAHM you should always remember that your family is your priority, and that they are your reason why you chose the path of Working from Home.

Like our past WAHM Features we also sought for testimonials on Mommy Jay Anne’s products.

Mommy Jasmer Omaria is one of Tahi Kho’s fans.One of my favorite brand ng HFs na gawa ng ating local WAHMs ay ang Tahi-Kho. Aside sa nappy na talagang masasabi mong “handmade with LOVE”, ganda pa ng performance nito. With default soaker, tumatagal ng 3-4hours na walang leak ang nappy sa aking LO. I even use it as our overnight nappy pag ginagamitan ko ng zorb. Perfect fit for lo. No garter marks kahit overnight ko gamitin.”

Taken during a recent Mini EB of members of the fun and lively Tahi Kho Cloth Diaper FB Group.

Taken during a recent Mini EB of members of the fun and lively Tahi Kho Cloth Diaper FB Group. “It is a fun group where cloth diapering moms get to interact and chat,” describes Mommy Jay Anne

Mommy Jasmer of course mentioned about the fun FB group Tahi Kho Cloth Diapers is also famous for. “Daming games, daming prizes, daming kaganapan, daming surprise!!! Ito ang group na araw araw at mayat maya may GAMES! Nagkakapuyatan na nga kakaGAMES. Hahahah! At dahil sa games and giveaways, nanalo ako ng burp pads, bibs and soft toy. At lahat ng yun, maganda talaga ang pagkakagawa..at cliche na kung sasabihin kong “handmade with love” din ang mga yun kasi totoo naman talaga.” She added “Thank you so much mommy J for being generous, accomodating, friendly and loving sa lahat ng members and customers ng Tahi-Kho. I know na talagang you will.be blessed kasi you are.one of a kind person with a.very very good heart pati din kay mommy Zel. Marami kayong napasaya na mga mommies I’m sure. Super excited ako sa iba pang games, surprises at syempre sa mga HFs!”

Another satisfied Tahi Kho client is Mommy Jenny Baniaga-Soriano. “I support WAHMS and my goal is to have at least one HF or fitted from each of them. Tahi Kho actually yung unang brand na napagtanungan ko about HF… Sobrang bait ni Sis JayAnne at sobrang accomodating. Yung unang hf ko from her ay napanalunan ko sa raffle niya. I can say na ang ganda ng gawa ni Jay Anne. Ang linis ng pagkaka stitch..ang ganda ng quality.. Makikita talaga na it is made with love, time and effort.”

Tahi Kho Hybrid Fitted Cloth Diaper.

Mommy Jen’s eight-month old Little Boy Matt Stephen wearing a Tahi Kho Hybrid Fitted Cloth Diaper.“I will definitely buy another one again or more sa stocking niya.. Ganda pa ng mga tela nya,” Mommy Jen says.

Mommy Glizelle is also very happy about Tahi Kho Cloth Diapers. In fact she is one of the reasons why the Tahi Kho Cloth Diaper group is a fun group to begin with. She is the group Admin.

Mommy Zel's kids wearing Tahi Kho Cloth Diapers

Mommy Zel’s little girls wearing Tahi Kho Cloth Diapers

“(Her products are) budget friendly; my eldest before can use it for overnight use. I had the same experience when I used it on my youngest. We didn’t need to add an additional insert/zorb/booster because the soaker/insert can last us overnight. It has a perfect fit as well and the prints are so pretty! You’ll also feel the mother’s touch and love on Tahi Kho HFs.” She concludes.

Another happy Tahi Kho client is one of the WAHM’s we recently featured — Mommy Grace Rayos-Abando of Imprints. She says “Mommy JayAnne is one of the nicest and sincerest WAHMs I know. While most sewing moms were making cloth diapers, she also make other baby stuff like neck pillows and these cute Cube Plushies (I bought three.) The plushies were very well crafted – the choice of prints are appropriate for toddlers as they were eye-catching, the fabrics have different textures that helped in enhancing the sense of touch, the color and sizes of the taggies also had variety for enhancing the sense of sight, and the execution of sewing was just perfect.”

Mommy Grace's Little Boy playing with Tahi Kho's Cuddle Cubes

Mommy Grace’s Little Boys playing with Tahi Kho’s Cuddle Cubes “My kids loved them that they already played with them the moment I received and opened the parcel,” she says.

Mommy Grace actually has another upcoming order from Mommy Jay-Anne. “Now she offers the catch-all bibs that’s perfect for preventing dirty clothes and messy floor during baby’s meal time, and I can’t wait to have my order delivered and use them at once. Definitely loved the products and the mom who’s behind it,” she says.

So there you have it. Hope you were able to learn more about Mommy Jay Anne, and at the same time, you have been somehow inspired to take the leap and try the WAHM life. As I have always said, I started this series to encourage 8-5 moms who want to stay home or  want to have a breather from the daily grind, to give Working From Home a try and that becoming a WAHM is feasible, and other moms are making it work with flying colors. If you have a Work-From-Home-Mom that you would want to be featured, please feel free to head on over to my Facebook Page and leave me a message. Please hit the like button too so you could receive updates from Happypinaymommy.com directly on your newsfeed.

A happy homemaker is a Happy Pinay Mommy!

Leaving you with a video on how to work from home with kids:


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