Where to order the Best Lechon in Manila

where to order the best lechon in Manila. (Photo Credits)

Where to order the best Lechon in Manila. (Photo Credits)

If your family prefers Lechon over Chinese ham for your Noche Buena and Media Noche then this post is for you.

I have compiled a list of establishments where you can order the best lechon in time for the holidays. Of course these are just the ones I have tried already so you can be sure it is yummy and yummy and yummy. Did I say yummy?!

Here is where to order the Best Lechon in Manila:

1. Pepitas Kitchen — I cannot fully explain why I love this lechon. It is just superb especially the one with truffle rice inside! Heaven really!!! You’ve got to try it. They’ve got other stuffed lechon flavors too! Check out their FB page here. Also — if you have balikbayans coming in for the holidays or you simply want to try something new instead of going to buffets why not indulge in their Degustacion? Ask them about it!

2. Elar’s Lechon– well it has not survived this long if it ain’t good and yes! Elar’s is definitely one of the best. Skin is of course crispy and very yummy and meat is tender! My tita g won’t have a party without Elar’s in the buffet table! Check out their website here. You can actually order from them online and they will deliver!

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3. Sabroso — My favorite exboss loves this and he orders from here for every gathering in the office — Bless him he is one of the nicest people i have known! Anyway, a good friend P also recommends this place and thanks to her i discovered that apart from the take out place in Katipunan Extension, there is a dine in restaurant (super small-ish though) along E. Rodriguez in Quezon City. It is along the same avenue where St. Luke’s is but this one is nearer tomas morato if I am not mistaken. Apart from the lechon we also ordered dinuguan and bopis hahaha. Anyway here is their FB page so you could ask for clearer directions.

4. Zubuchon — this Cebu based lechon restaurant also ships their goodies to Manila. You just have to place and pay for your orders three days before you want to pick it up from the airport! Now if they can also ship their Kamias shake too!!! Here is a link to their website.

5. Ulcing’s — Soooo yummy and worth every bit of the cholesterol and calories!!! Order this very tasty Cebu lechon and you will not regret 🙂 They have an outlet in Fort Bonifacio 🙂 here is their number: 497-7957, (0919) 361-3291 and they deliver to Makati for FREE!!! This is love <3

6. General’s Lechon – This lechon is Native LECHON at its finest!!! Sampled it in a friend’s birthday and I was told it is one of the best and it is! I am sure it is not the porkaholic talking but it really is good further research showed that this lechon is negros-style roasted lechon where the owners hail from. Check out their website here.

7. La Loma Lechunans — well, this is somewhat sentimental and mainstream – Ping-ping’s of course I remember my officemate G and even Mang Boy, who introduced me to not just lechon that is fresh from the grill — but also the super bagong luto and oh so crunchy chicharon bulaklak and bituka served at the dine-in areas in ping ping’s in La Loma. Imagine we will have lunch here in the Saturdays when we were required to go to work? Hahaha. Of course I’ll mention Mila’s lechon as well because it won’t be a household name if it were not good. My mom was friends with Aling Mila too. Some 20 years ago, I remember she’d send over kilo after kilo of lechon just because 🙂 thank you for the sweetness Aling Mila!

So there you have it, hope I was able to give you ideas on where to order the best Lechon in manila in time for Christmas. I included the links so that you could personally check on the pricing and the availability of the products (and of course order ahead of time). As always, I promise to update this post as I discover more yummy lechon in the Metro.

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Thanks and till next post!

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