Fastfood and Restaurants with kiddie birthday party packages

Fastfood and Restaurants with kiddie birthday party packages

Looking for Fastfood and Restaurants with kiddie birthday party packages in the Philippines? (Photo Credits)

Kiddie parties can be stressful in general, and it is always a good thing if the whole family can just book a venue altogether, choose a theme, cake and decor and even lootbag and just come back on your child’s birthday.

Even better is that parents can usually just sit back or focus on entertaining the guests and have fun too while the restaurant crew takes care of everything from the food, the serving, the hosting and the games, and then most important of all — the clean up! They can even load all the gifts your kids got plus left overs to your car.

So before i get carried away, here’s a list of Philippine restaurants and fastfood chains that have kiddie birthday party packages.

Fastfood and Restaurants with kiddie birthday party packages:

1. Mc Donald’s — There’s always a special place in the heart of a child (and a child at heart) for the Happy Meal! Most parties i have attended in McDo are simply fun and enjoyable — they have quite entertaining party hosts too! Check out their food packages here. As of publication of this post they have the following themes: Ben 10, AdventureTime, Winx, and Spongebob Squarepants. Their party meals range from P150-190 per guest, and the party package inclusions are: Use of Party Room, Full Hosting, Party amenities, Games and 30 prizes, 1 gift for the celebrant, an appearance by Grimace, Hamburglar or Birdie.

2. Jollibee — most toddlers know Ja’bee and who wouldn’t recognize the big red bee that dances in the kiddie parties? The good news is you can do the booking, the choosing, and the paying online so there is less hassle especially for moms who just can leave their home or work. They have four themes as of posting and this includes Hello Kitty, Jollitown, Jollibee’s FUN-Tastic Factory, and then their Christening- themed party. Party fee starts at P1500 with a minimum guests of up to 30 pax. Here is a link to their online party booking page.

Looking for Fastfood and Restaurants with kiddie birthday party packages in the Philippines

Jollibee is one of the most loved Fastfood and Restaurants with kiddie birthday party packages in the Philippines. (Photo from Jollibee’s website)

3. Burger king – Does not offer an outright kiddie party package but for P10,000.00 worth of meals you can already use a part of their restaurant as your party venue. This is perfect for moms who want to have flexible party arrangements, and would like to go the DIY route. Check out their FB page here.

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4. Pizza hut — Offers cool party packages especially for those who want to depart from the usual burger-spaghetti-chicken fastfood place. Here’s a link to their party booking information.

5. Racks — offers kiddie party packages that will be enjoyed by both adults and the children. A breath of fresh air if you’ve been used to booking parties for your children in fastfood chains. They have two standard food packages for kids which are priced at P250.00 and P275.00 per child. Adult packages meantime range from P350-460.00 per head as of time of posting. Party package inclusions are: balloons, invites, name cards, thank you cards, and free use of function room. Here’s a link to their website.

6. Max’s — If your whole family is a fan of Max Chicken, why not host your child’s birthday in any of its restaurants. Here are the inclusions of their party packages: Two (2) hours use of venue; Birthday Theme Cake; Party room décor; and Party host. Here’s a link on their party information.

Max's also offer kiddie birthday party packages.

Max’s also offer kiddie birthday party packages. (Photo from Max’s Official Website)

7. Shakey’s — offers sulit packages for parents who want to get more out of the kiddie parties that they host. They can even have buffet set-ups. As of last checking you will usually have to choose a monster meal deal package which starts at around P2,000++ or Just avail of their various party packages. The packages usually include . Here’s a link to their various party packages.

8. Friday’s — for those looking for an alternative to the usual fast food restaurant kiddie party, then TGI Friday’s can be a great choice. Their children’s party package meals starting at P9,500.00 for 30 kids. Party amenities include invites, loot bags, name tags, and TGI Friday’s Birthday Balloons. The Adult Packages meantime vary from P550.00 to P750.00 per person. Theme parties include Disney Princesses, and superheroes among others. They also offer party hosting and party activities such as balloon twisting, Glitter Tattoo, Face Painting, Bubble Show & Magic Show for a separate rate package. Check out their party and events information here.

9. Kenny Rogers — offers party packages for kiddie birthday parties! Kiddie party packages are at P9,400.00 and P9,550.00 for every 30 children. This already includes Lootbags, balloons, game prizes, use of venue, birthday banner, name badges, decorated party area, party hose and event assistants. As of posting they have three party themes that you can choose from: Wonderland Adventure, Space Voyager, and Sports Party. Adult food packages meantime vary at P280.00 per head, to P350.00 per head. Here is a link to their website.

Kenny Roger's Roasters also offers kiddie party packages.

Kenny Roger’s Roasters also offers kiddie party packages. (Photo from Kenny Roger’s Roasters official website)

10. KFC — if your kid loves KFC, then you may want to consider celebrating his or her birthday party there. You can choose from several themes, and the five menu packages for kids and adults. Their party packages include loot bags, use of venue, balloons, game prizes, guest posters, activity trays liners, party decors, party hats, as well at the birthday party hosting. They also have another party package that comes with a birthday cake and a mascot meet and greet. Here’s a link to their party theme information.

11. Don Henrico’s Pizza – Also offers party packages in and out of their store. They have three kiddie meal packages that start at P280.00 per head, P310.00 per head, to P365.00 per head. For adults, they offer a buffet style set up that ranges from P430.00 to P575.00 per person. Party freebies include invitation cards, thank you cards, birthday gift, birthday streamer, party hosting, sound set-up, table set-up for cake and buffet amenities. They also offer optional amenities for a happier and more enjoyable party. Here’s a link to their party information.

So there you have it. I will be updating this post as I come across more restaurants that offer kiddie party packages. If you have the time, hope you could drop by my Facebook page and hit the like button, so you can receive regular updates from direct on your newsfeed.

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