Where to buy DIY Party Supplies in the Philippines

Buy DIY Party SUpplies in the Philippines

Want to throw a DIY party? Here’s where you can buy DIY Party Supplies in the Philippines. (Photo Credits)

Parties are fun, but it could be very expensive. And this is why most moms who would like to save up on their children’s parties would want to try the DIY or Do-it-yourself route in some (or all) aspects of the party they are throwing.

There are many places where you could buy DIY Party Supplies in the Philippines. In Manila for instance, Divisoria is the most common bagsakan area where you really could buy everything you would have wanted for your DIY Party in Manila at a super cheap cost.

But not all moms have the time and energy to trek to Divi. So for those moms this post is for you.

Where to buy DIY Party Supplies in the Philippines:

  1. Divisoria – The malls in Divisoria like 168 has all the party needs that you may like.. from balloons, to decorations, to give-aways, and game prizes, they have it all at a tiny fraction of the cost that you would have to shell out if you were to buy in malls! At the same time you may also head to Ilaya and Tabora Streets (yes the same streets where you can buy some DIY Cloth Diaper Supplies and Fabric which I wrote about here and here) for other DIY supplies.
  2. Malls – Some malls have party supplies shops that sell DIY party goods minus the stress that comes with divi shopping. These include the bazaar area in Market, Market Taguig (I think it is named Eden’s), Celebrations Party Central in Rockwell Powerplant Mall (dizzying Pinterest-style stocks, super fun!), Invitation House at Greenbelt 5 (nice pinterest-style craft materials – you can also order customized birthday buntings in Manila here, as well as invites, personalized chocolate wrappers, and the like). If you are from the San Juan or Quezon City area, then you may wanna check out the party supplies stalls over at V-Mall and Greenhills particularly Regina’s. Toy stores like Toys R Us also have a party supplies aisle, and so with big book stores!

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  1. Department Stores – If you are gunning for a pinterest-worthy candy buffet but you want to remain on budget then check out the displays over at Landmark Makati, SM Department stores (the bigger ones like that in SM Makati has a lot in store!), as well as Robinson’s Department Stores. They have nice tiered muffin/cupcake holders, Giant Mason-Jar like juice jugs, as well as other wares that you may use in your candy buffet!
  2. Dapitan Arcade – Again, if you are aiming for an “instagrammable” birthday spread, then head on over at Dapitan QC (yes the same place where you can buy super affordable Christmas and Home Decors) and check out the homewares there that are usually unique, can be classic – can be avant garde! I am sure you will buy more than what you intended to buy which is actually bad for the budget but happy for your mommy heart.
  3. “Odd Ball” Stores – If you are from the South then you may want to check out Uniwide Warehouse along Sucat Road. I earlier included this place as a great location to shop for cheap and cheerful Christmas decors, but hey they have great DIY Party supplies too  but it is up to you to rummage and look around in their big warehouse. For those in the QC Area, head on over at Katipunan, and across La Vista – I am sure you know this if you are from the area – you will see Shoppersville Supermarket. Go to the second floor and there you can buy the bamboo pabitin stuff if your party will be needing such, and they also have pinatas among other games for the parties.They also have super cheap but funny-looking candies that will remind you of your gradeschool years (hello Moony and Mikmik, and Lala)! They also have plastic balloons, divi toys etc that you can put inside your party lootbags. They also have other party favors, party hats, and banners. Another useful tip – they also customize cakes at a very affordable price – check out their bakeshop. You may also wanna go around your neighborhood to check out your community party supplies shop. If you do not need a lot, then Toys R Us also has themed plates, hats, serving wares, and lootbags, plus balloons for you, which are actually very similar to what you can see in Rustan’s Supermarkets!
  4. Facebook Shops – There are many facebook-based shops that sell party supplies, but here are some you may wanna check out: My Little Party Shop Manila – has super nice party supplies for your theme parties which include serving wares, buntings, decors and balloons – here is a link to their FB Shop. If you however are looking for the online Divisoria type of FB Shop for your DIY Party then check out Party Items Express for hassle-free shopping. They have balloons, decors, party favors, special game prizes, loot bags, as well as other craft supplies. Check out their FB Page here. Marykiel’s on the other hand has various types of balloons as well as other DIY Party supplies in the Philippines. Here is a link to their shop.
  5. UPDATED: June 23, 2016: 854 Party Mania Is a haven for DIY Party moms! And why not they have almost everything that you could ever need. They have a store in Divi, but they have this website (which according to them is only surf-able via google chrome), where you can place your orders. Check out their stuff, it is very affordable as well! Here is a link to their website.
  6. UPDATED: June 23, 2016: Party Basics Online — This is the same line of party products that you usually see in malls and stores. Yes they have an online shopping platform so you can avoid the traffic and shop at the comforts of your own home! Here is a link to their website.
  7. UPDATED August 04, 2016: Party Pieces by Zoey — Is another party supplies shop that offers nice and creative DIY supplies like plates, lootbags, decors and even invites. Check out their FB shop here.
  8. UPDATED August 4, 2016: Mara Ella’s Party Supplies — Is a Cebu-Based Party supplies shop that has a wide array of loot bag fillers, party bags and pails, DIY Decor and more. Check out their FB Store here.

So, there you have it. I am sure there are other places and Online Shops where you may buy DIY Party Supplies in the Philippines. I will be updating this post as I discover more shops. If you have the time, hope you could drop by my Facebook page and hit the like button, so you can receive regular updates from Happypinaymommy.com direct on your newsfeed.

Thank you so much!

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