Easy on the Budget Filipino Christmas Potluck Food Recipes

Budget Filipino Christmas Potluck Food Recipes

Budget Filipino Christmas Potluck Food Recipes. (Photo Credits)

It is the time of the year once again when we get invited to all those gatherings and pot lucks.

For some of us who enjoy cooking or would like to save a little on the pot luck budget — or make the most of it actually — this post is for you.

I have decided to compile a list of meals that are easy to cook and can easily be your contribution to the next potluck that you will be attending.

Easy on the Budget Filipino Christmas Potluck Food recipes:

1. Spanish Sardines Spaghetti — This is easy to make and it will definitely not break the bank. You would not even spend 300 for ten! Check out the simple recipe here.

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  1. Crispy fish fillet — You can make a lot of fish strips already for around P300.00. Just throw in a good thousand island sauce and you are all set! I included the recipe for this Panko Crusted Fish Fillet in this previous post.
  2. Veggie Slider burgers — got invited to a pica-pica? No problem! Bring sliders or mini hamburgers made with banana heart patties. I included in this post a good recipe for the banana heart patties. P. S. just use dinner rolls as your mini bun and spread some lite mayo if you wish!
  3. Coffee Jelly — tasked with dessert? No problem! This is the new generation buko-pandan and it is yummy. Your 200 will go a long way, promise! Mommy Shiendy Sy-Ferrer shared this recipe (I tweaked some of the measurements as she gave a recipe good for 40-50 pax, this one is good for 30): Use black Mr. Gulaman unflavored Gelatin, Black Nescafe Coffee, five cups of water, 250 grams of sugar then cook like your normal gulaman recipe. For the cream: one packs of all-purpose cream and one can of Alaska Condensed milk. Leave the gelatin to set over night. Once done, cut into small squares, and add in cream and condense milk. Chill and serve!
  4. Fried chicken wings — forget about all the crazy breadings and just spend your P300.00 on cooking oil, chicken wings, a bit of garlic and soy sauce and you’ve got one to sawa chicken wings for friends!  This is a good recipe (though I add some calamansi juice to my rub).

So there you have it, hope I was able to give you ideas on what to contribute to your Christmas Pot Luck Party. Will update once I am able to experiment on more cheap and easy pot luck favorites. Hope you can drop by my Facebook page and hit the like button so you could receive weekly meal plans and happypinaymommy.com updates straight from your newsfeed.

Thanks and till next post!

A happy homemaker is a happy pinay mommy!

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