Filipino Fish Recipes that your meat-loving kid will like

Filipino Fish Recipes that your Meat-Loving Kid Will Like

Are you having a hard time feeding your kids fish-based meals? Here are some Filipino fish recipes that  your meat-loving kid will like. (Photo Credits)

While a lot of kids love fish especially during toddlerhood, some of them outgrow the love for it once they have been exposed (usually on many occasions by meat-loving adults, ehem-ehem!) to fried chicken, breaded porkchop, and other savory meat dishes.

So what’s a mom, aiming to give a ‘balanced diet’ to do?

Here are some Filipino Fish Recipes that your meat-loving kid will like:

1. Bangus Sisig – You will be surprised, but some kids, as young as eight years old have already developed a liking for the ultimate barchow, PORK SISIG. So why not try to cook a healthy alternative by using Bangus Flakes? My friend’s mom, Tita N., makes a mean bangus sisig that even a ‘carnivorous’ will devour. Check out a great cooking demo here (of course omit the chili and the pepper!).

2. Panko Breaded Fried Fish Fillet – Looking for an alternative to fried porkchop? This is it Pancit! I usually use cream dory for this recipe. I make sure that it is fully thawed. I will then season it with salt (no pepper for the kiddo). Dip it in beaten eggs, and then in panko breading, then deep fried in Canola Oil. I prepare two dips – for the kids I mix banana ketchup and a bit of mayo a la thousand island dressing, and then for adults, the Clara Ole Asian Dressing (the one in the purple pouch), thinned with a dash of cane vinegar. For adults who like spicy dishes, this is also best dipped in Sriracha.

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3. Sweet and Sour Fish – I could have said tilapia or Dalagang Bukid because it is more delish, but when I am pressed for time, or during weekdays, I would rather serve the little ones food that would require minimal supervision/assistance. So during weekends, we have tilapia for this dish, but during crazy weekdays, I use whatever fish fillet we have, coat it in breading, fry, and mix in the sweet and sour sauce. Here is an easy-to-follow recipe.

4. Fish Lumpia –This is a make ahead recipe that you can store in your freezer for two wees in a sealed plastic. Kids just love the crispiness of fried lumpia recipes, and this dish will not be an exception. Galunggong can be used here, but you could also use other types of fish. Yes this may take a longer time to prepare, but if you make a big batch, you will have a ready-in-no time ulam in your freezer for those busy, busy, week nights, or hurried lunches. Click here for the recipe.

5. Fish Steak – This is basically ‘BISTEK’ using fish. What I usually do is I use Sarangani Bay’s Boneless Bangus’ Back Fillet. This is super yummy, not so expensive, and less hassle on us moms, as the fish is already boneless! Use your usual marinade for your beef steak recipe: Dark Soy Sauce, Calamansi, a bit of sugar, again we hold off on the pepper. Cook as usual, and top with onions. For those who may want precise measurements and instructions (sorry I just make tancha tancha all the time) here is a good recipe you can follow, just sub calamansi for lemon if you want a cheaper alternative, and a more Filipino taste.

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Happy Cooking Mommies!

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