Healthy Chicken Recipes for Kids

healthy chicken recipes for kids

Healthy Chicken Recipes For Kids. (Photo Credits)

Most kids love chicken, and why not? When cooked perfectly, it is juicy to the taste and has a flavor that suit the taste of even the most discriminating child.

And although most kids would happily eat fried chicken and tinola for a couple of times a week, we know that it will be a lot better for the kids to taste a variety of flavors so they will not end up being picky. Besides, crispy fried chicken is not really something you’d like to feed your child week after week because of all that oil!

Here are some healthy chicken recipes for kids:

1. Hainanese Chicken Rice – This recipe has a Filipino tweak to it so that we will not have a hard time finding the ingredients, and would not have to slave in the kitchen for half a day. Check out the recipe here.

2. Pininyahang Manok – A local chicken dish that has coconut milk, pineapple, potatoes and carrots. Kids will surely love this, because unlike chicken curry this one is not spicy, but it is as creamy. Check out this recipe from Panlasang Pinoy. Most of the ingredients are available in the pantry or ref, and is very easy to cook! Read more here.


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  1. Chicken Sotanghon Soup – Wondering what other chicken meals you can prepare that has a clear soupy broth that your kids will not say no to. Then this is it! This chicken sotanghon soup is perfect during the rainy days, and could even be ladled into rice if your tot insists on making his rice ‘soupy.’ get the recipe from Kawaling Pinoy here.
  2. Chicken Bistek – An alternative to the usual Beefsteak or bistek. This one though will surely be tender and quicker to cook than its beef counterpart. The ingredients are also readily available in most homes so you would not have to fret, all you have to do is buy the chicken or this meal. Here is the recipe.
  3. Hawaiian Chicken – Another quick and healthy chicken recipe that we should add into our rotation of chicken meals. If you are up to I, the only thing that you would have to buy from the store apart from the chicken is the cilantro and the leeks (that is if you are like me who does not have a supply of herbs in the house). Anyway, it is very easy to cook. I tried it and it is really tasty, achi actually liked it! Here is the recipe from Cooking Light.

So mommies, why not try any of these healthy chicken recipes for kids and see if your family will like it?

Anyway you may wanna check out one of my favorite chefs, Aarti Sequiera cooking a lovely chicken dish: