Fun Meryenda Recipes you can Prepare with your Kids

Meryenda Recipes you Can Prepare with your Kids

Meryenda Recipes you Can Prepare with your Kids. (Photo Credits)

Are your weekends starting to get boring? Are the rains confining you and the very energetic kids at home?

Worry no more mommies. Get busy in the kitchen and hit two birds with one stone. Have a “cooking activity” with the kids and prepare them meryenda at the same time! Perfect weekend bonding!

Here are some fun meryenda recipes you can prepare with your kids:

1. Milo balls — Here is a fun recipe of this sure fire yummy meryenda that will make any tiny tot, with tiny hands, excited to eat what they have just prepared. Just do not forget to have the brush their teeth after. Check out the recipe here. If you do not have access to arrow root biscuits the local MARIE biscuit is an excellent alternative.

2. Palitaw — I remember when i was younger, there was an episode of Batibot showing the kids how to make palitaw. ISince then i have always begged my Inay to buy Galapog in the market so we can make palitaw. How fun! even the process of roasting the sesame seeds and mixing sugar to it will surely delight your kids! Here is a recipe you can follow.

3. Ginataang Bilo-Bilo — Just like the palitaw, i have always had a blast whenever inay puts me in charge of making this for the Guinataang Halo-halo, my mom usually requests her to make. I tried cooking this with Achi, and she is just so happy that there is a clay-like food that is glutinous rice balls! Check out this recipe.


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4. Jelly popsicle — You can definitely make jelly Popsicle even if you do not have the molds! Achi had so much fun when we did this recipe, and just used our ice cube tray, and stock hard plastic straw. Of course it would be best if you have those colorful popsicle makers! Here is the recipe we used. Just use any type and brand of juice that you like, and any type and brand of your favorite powdered gelatin 🙂

5. Polvoron — Another childhood meryenda i used to make. Achi had so much fun with molding these and wrapping them in colorful Japanese paper. Try it in your hoe. There are many variations already, like ones covered in chocolate, or those infused with pinipig, peanuts of what have you. Let your kids decide. Here is the recipe.

6. Buko Pandan — This is super cool! From making the green jelly and cutting it into whatever shape you like (instead of the usual cubes), to shaving buco strips, and mixing in all the ingredients! Kids are just so happy when making this fun meryenda that can also be your dessert come dinner time. Here is an easy to follow recipe.

7. Pizza Pandesal — This is very easy, and definitely the kids will love the spreading the pizza sauce, grating cheese then using it as toppings, putting in ham and pineapple. Super perfect for those afternoons when everything tends to be boring. Fun times! Check out the recipe here.  Achi and i have also ventured into making pizza with a store-bought pizza dough, but that is for another blog post 🙂

If you are looking for more ideas, check out this book that my sister in law gifted me recently. it contains a whopping 200 recipes that both you and your kids will love!!! and these are healthy recipes at that. I was actually asking her to procure it for me but tadaaaaa, she gave it as a surprise when she came home from the States!!!

Anyway, so there you go, hope you all had wonderful ideas on what meryenda recipes you can prepare with your kids. They will surely be thrilled to hep you it in the kitchen, so let those little hands do the prepping!

Have  a great weekend everyone!

Leaving you with a video of Espasol prepping — one of the recipes me and achi would like to try soon:

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