Where to Buy the Best Chinese ham in the Philippines

Where to buy the best Chinese Ham in the Philippines. (Photo Credits)

Where to buy the best Chinese Ham in the Philippines. (Photo Credits)

I grew up anticipating Noche Buena with a leg of Chinese ham on the table. The ham is ceremoniously prepared — cooked and baked –by my mom (and of course inay as her assistant) and my older brother. Truly, me and my little sister know that it is Christmas when our dining room starts smelling of melting brown sugar over baking ham. Yummy. Slathered with mayonnaise, it was heaven. We even eat it with rice the next day for breakfast.

Now that I have a fam of my own, I try to recreate that scene but! Of course with the mommy shortcuts I had to do because unlike my mother — I do not have assistants to help me out to prepare a Christmas feast.

For those of you who would like to just buy cooked Chinese ham this post is for you.

Where to buy the best Chinese ham in the Philippines:

1. The Plaza — Chinese ham at its finest. They have branches in Dasmarinas Village in Makati and in the Petron that is just outside La Vista among other branches. Call for reservations early. Here is a link to their website. They ave an FB Page too — here.

2. The Majestic ham — These are the stalls that are outside some supermarkets like Shoppersville in Katipunan, some Rustan’s supermarket branches, Cash and Carry in Makati and many more. Based on experience you’ve got to order in advance during the holidays because they run out of stocks fast! Another great thing about this is that you can buy by the kilo or even a quarter of it, or even bits if you want some! Here is a link to their Website.

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  1. Excellente — Year in and year out you would see Winnie Cordero or Doris Bigornia reporting live at this Ham store in Carlos Palanca Street in Quiapo every Christmas and New Year. People flock to this ham maker for a reason, and the reason is the great taste that hasn’t changed over the years. Here is a link to their FB Page.
  2. Adelina’s Ham – There was one Christmas that someone gave one to our family. The sweetness and saltiness of this ham is just perfect! They have a branch in Greenhills. Here is a link to their FB Page.
  3. Grocery Stores — if you are like my mom who can whip up something great in the kitchen — or if you have an oven at home where you can heat up the Chinese ham then why not just buy one off the grocery! King Sue still sells Chinese ham that you’d have to prep yourself (yes the one wrapped in brown paper and red net) although they have noticeably smaller leg sizes now compared too ehem, 20 years ago, probably to keep prices down. Purefooods meantime also has their own version of Chinese ham (which i think they introduced some ten years ago) that you will just need to garnish and heat up. Both are fine but King Sue is on the saltier side, and Purefoods is somewhat sweet and salty although not as tasty as the aforementioned ones, but for the price it is a practical choice already.So there you have it, hope I was able to give you ideas on where to buy yummy Chinese Ham for Christmas. I included the links so that you could personally check on the pricing and the availability of the products. As always, I promise to update this post as I discover more yummy Chinese hams in the Metro.

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