Where to buy Nursery Wall Decals in the Philippines


Where to buy Nursery Wall Decals in the Philippines. (Photo Credits)

Where to buy Nursery Wall Decals in the Philippines. (Photo Credits)

Are your walls too plainish and you’d like to liven it up a bit? Are you looking for something that will make your little one’s nursery or your older child’s room, a little bit nicer?

Then you may want to consider sticking wall decals on your walls. This is especially cute for nurseries, – child’s room, even in your own room or living room. You can actually even have quotations fabulously plastered on your wall — like your favorite bible verse or inspirational quote.

Anyway, here are the online shops where you can buy Nursery Wall Decals in the Philippines:

1. House of Baby PH –– this FB shop is a time suck for me as I ogle the many nice decals they have for nurseries, kid’s room and even living rooms. I especially like the passages that they have! Check out their store here.


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2. Lazada You will be surprised, but it is like everything is here! This Girl Swing decal in fact is at 40% ff for only P499.00 – you may buy it here. Check out the other designs here.

3. WALL Decals Shop Their Colorful wall Decals start at P250.00 per. The prints are so vibrant! Check out the pricing and availability here.

4. Creatif-I Home Decors– Has a lot of wall decals that you can choose from, which I may say, are mostly classy and modern. Check out their FB store here.

5. Wall Stickers Phils – All I can say is that the designs here are clean, happy, and super nice. Check out their store here.

6. Nu Dekor Wal Stickers – Have a wide range of designs to choose from. Check out their FB Store here.

7. Dezign My Wall — If you however fancy custom wall graphics, then this is the FB shop for you. Check out their services here.

8. Happy Wall So far, this shop has the wall decals I will be most likely to stick to our walls. So nice, and clean looking, and just bursting with positivity. Check out their designs here.

9. UPDATED June 8, 2016:Lucky Bunny Sticker Shop — is a Facebook Based Wall Decal and adhesives shops that sells reasonably priced products. They really have a lot of exciting products, from glow-in-the-dark decals, nursery and kid-friendly wall adhesives, borders, chalk board wall stickers and more! The even have wall stickers with night light!!! They also sell wall papers. Get in touch with them now via their FB Shop here.

10. UPDATED June 8, 2016: Euphiebells — Sells almost all types oof decals that you may want for your room, your kid’s room, your upcoming baby’s new nursery, or your children’s playroom! you will definitely be able to transform your walls as it can now hold 5D and 3D wall Decals, Chalkboard Stickers, Decals with Clock or Night Lights and more. They also have conventional decals that have fun and tasteful illustrations for all ages, they also have quotations, as well as cartoon characters. Check out their FB Store here.

11. UPDATED July 8, 2016: Wall Deco PH — If you are looking for an online wall decal store that accepts credit card payments then this is the shopping website for you. Wall Deco PH has a vast array of Wall Decals for nurseries, living rooms, home offices and that bare wall in your home that needs to be livened up. Here is a link to their website.

So there you have it. I am sure there are other places and Online Shops where you may nursery wall decals in the Philippines. I will be updating this post as I discover more. Again, I included the links of the stores so that you could personally check on their prices and product availability. If you have the time, hope you could drop by my Facebook page and hit the like button, so you can receive regular updates from Happypinaymommy.com direct on your newsfeed.

Thank you so much!

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Leaving you with this video on how to properly stick a wall decal:


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