Where to Buy Sewing Machines in the Philippines

buy sewing machines in the Philippines

Wondering where to buy sewing machines in the Philippines? (Photo Credits)

If you now want to take your DIY-ing to a whole new level and have decided to buy a sewing machine then this post is for you. I recently came up with a series of posts on where to buy sewing supplies as well as fabrics for your cloth diapering DIY project, you may want to check them out here.

This time, I have compiled a list of places where you could buy sewing machines in the Philippines, both online and brick and mortar stores. This is close to my heart since my mom is an avid sewing enthusiast and she has a couple of machines in our home, mostly singer ones. She has a nice sewing machine like this, a serger (which she calls edging machine — whatever that means), and she has a vintage one too.

So here is the list of where you can buy sewing machines in the Philippines:

1. Direct to Manufacturer/Importer – popular brands in the country are SINGER and BROTHER and they have their own outlets. Singer has stores in Abad Santos, Manila; Makati City, and Cebu CIty.  Brother has a showroom in Marajo Tower in Bonifacio Global City. Ive been researching about Juki but all i saw are authorized resellers mostly for heavy duty sewing — which is not applicable to this post.

2. Lazada — If you do not want to get caught in heavy traffic while shopping, or want installment deals or pay upon delivery service then head on over at Lazada and choose a sewing machine there. You may want to get something like this or at least –-according to sewing experts that I know— those that are not too inexpensive if you want a good quality machine.

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3. Appliance Stores — Automatic Center for instance always has a Brother Sewing Machine display so if you want to check out sewing machines in the mall this is the appliance store that you can go to. There are small Sewing Machines being sold in Ace Hardware branches, but i don’t think it is durable enough to last many sewing projects –sorry.

4. Port Area — if you are familiar with the port area, the old BIR building, or the Philippine Star Main office then you know this next location that i am referring to. This is the area where you can buy surplus sewing machines (they are actually across the Star’s office. Yes these aren’t air-conditioned stalls but you will have a lot of cheap machines to choose from). I think you can buy a Japan surplus sewing machine here for less than Php4,000.00 or something. Sewing Mamas Recommend Madam Zen’s Stall, i think she is pretty famous in there that you can just ask around where her pwesto is. The thing is most of the machines sold in the Port area do not come with user guides so for a beginner it may be difficult to use. Here is a link to the location.

5. Distributors/Resellers — yes, they usually supply industrial types of sewing machines but they sometimes do have household machines. Check out the website of Unixindustrial.  If i understood it right they also sell second-hand sewing machines which they have reconditioned.

6. OLX — if you are OK with buying second-hand then OLX is your best bet. They have hundreds of used machines to choose from. Just take usual precautions on your online transactions.

7. UPDATED: Taytay Old Public Market — Thank you to one of our dear readers, Mommy Clarissa Ababan-Banez for informing us about the sewing machines that are for sale at the Taytay Old Public Market. According to Mommy Clarissa, most of the sewing machines there are for industrial use, but there are portable JUKI machines as well. In addition, Mommy Clarissa mentioned that some of the machines that are being sold there, some are second hand/refurbished. BUT unlike the ones that you can buy at the Pier, the second-hand and reconditioned machines over at the Old Taytay Public Market are all 220 Volts so you would not need a transformer anymore.

8. ANOTHER UPDATE: Sew Corner Manila — You can check out the many sewing machines being sold by this FB seller. Here is a link to her profile.

9. UPDATED: May 21, 2016: Sewing Needs by ol4uaccessewrizethis FB store does not only sell cloth diaper sewing supplies, it also sells sewing machines! well i dont know if they regularly sell SMs on their site but last time i checked they have a serger for sale. Here’s a link to their FB Page.

10. UPDATED: May 21, 2016: Craft Destash PH — Well technically this is not an online store but a B/S/T group where you can find individual sellers who are selling their personal craft items as part of a de-stash. You can find sewing machines here too! Join the group here.

So there you have it. I hope I have given you an idea on where you could buy sewing machines in the Philippines. I highly recommend this e-book on “How To Make (All-In-One, One-Size-Fits-Most) Cloth Diapers: Cover your baby’s bum in style with this step-by-step photo guide for fabulous, eco-friendly diapers” which you may buy here. The kindle version is really affordable, so you may want to buy one. Incidentally they also have a paperback version, which you may wanna check out here.

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