Where to Buy Flannel Fabric for Cloth Wipes in the Philippines

buy flannel fabric for cloth wipes in the philippines

Want to buy flannel fabric for cloth wipes in the Philippines? (Photo Credits)

If you are a cloth diapering mama and you have seen the benefits of using cloth on your baby, then you will mostly be swayed at one point to use cloth wipes as well.

Most cloth wipes in the market though are imported, and are expensive nonetheless. That is why when you ask any experienced cloth diapering mama, she will recommend that you just go the DIY route.

Well if you are too busy you can always ask your favorite local WAHM to make cloth wipes for you, or buy some OsoCozy Unbleached ones here, but just in case you are willing to experiment then go get some old shirts, old receiving blankets and what not, and turn it into cloth wipes.

But if you want something more uniform, then you may wanna get yourself some flannel fabric to use.

Here is where you can buy Flannel Fabric for Cloth Wipes in the Philippines:

  1. Fabric Stores – Most fabric stores have flannel by the yard. Some even have printed ones so go ahead and try going to the Fabric Warehouse (mostly in SM Malls), Cotton Depot (they have branches in MOA, Festival Mall in Alabang, and Glorietta). Among the malls that I have scoured, I think it is Megamall, Greenhills (V-Mall), and Glorietta that have the most number of textile stores so you may wanna trek there. Maybe SM North has its own share of textile stores? Haven’t been there in ages, sorry.
  2. Divisoria (Particularly along Ilaya Street) – Set aside a whole day for this because of heavy traffic (human and vehicle – haha!), plus of course, to give yourself time to shop because I am sure once you are there, it will not just be flannel that you will be buying! Ilaya is a frugal shoppers haven when it comes to fabrics. You may want to check out the Tutuban area as well.

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  1. Kamuning Market — Yes there are many textile stalls in there and you may wanna check it out. If you do not have time to go to divi, and you are from QC, this is the next best place to get cheap flannel.
  2. Supermarket/Hypermart/Ace Hardware – I do not know if id want to admit this, but our cloth wipes stash is made of the colorful flannel that I bought from hypermart! Yes the cut up ones that are supposed to be all-purpose rags. I got it for less than fifty per pack. I got some three packs. I cut them up and hand-stitched some, and left the others to just fray and no, I am not afraid of the sanctimommy judgements. I disinfected all these, and after that I have colorful cloth wipes to use for almost everything that I needed to wipe baby and toddler related.
  3. Online Stores– What can’t be bought online nowadays? Check out these online fabric shops: Fabrix Unlimited has printed flannel fabrics at P145.00 per yard, and P75.00 for half yard.  You may also want to ask Fabric Depot if they have flannel, as well as Taytay Fabric Depot if they have some.

So there you have it. Again as I usually say, I have provided the links to the FB Pages of these shops so you could personally check out the availability and the pricing of these items that I have mentioned. It may have changed by the time you are reading this.

If all else fails, do not beat yourself too hard if you can’t make your own cloth wipes. You can buy ready made ones, or these organic baby wipes which are made from natural plant extract — get it here.

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Leaving you with this easy to follow DIY Video on how to make your own cloth wipes!

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