Where to Buy Cloth Diaper Covers in the Philippines

buy cloth diaper covers in the Philippines

Looking to buy cloth diaper covers in the Philippines? Read on. (Photo Credits)

If you are looking to try the cloth diaper covers and are wondering where to buy them then this post is for you!

There are a lot of shops – online or brick and mortar – where diaper covers can be bought. Personally, I love our cloth diaper covers especially when we are running low on clean diapers to use because if it is just pee, I can just wipe and change the soaker. If we run out of soakers, our flats and prefolds work well too!

Most moms would say covers are much better to use for the newborn stage as they poop and pee a lot. When paired with Flats or prefolds, or even the traditional lampin, you get more bang for your buck without harming your brand new baby’s sensitive skin.

I actually wrote about where to buy Flip Cloth Diaper covers recently (Click here to read if you’ve missed it), but for those looking for more affordable options, this is the post for you!

Anyway, here are the shops where you can buy Cloth Diaper Covers in the Philippines:

  1. Department Stores – Most department stores like Rustan’s, SM Department Store, Robinson’s, as well as Landmark sell cloth diaper covers. Prices range from 80.00 each (So-En If I am not mistaken) to around P700.00 per piece for the Enfant brand.
  2. Specialty Shops for Kids – Enfant, Baby and Company, as well as other baby boutiques, If I am not mistaken even Daiso carry Cloth Diaper Covers.


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  1. Divisoria/Quiapo/Baclaran – These frugal shopping meccas sell cloth diaper covers that go as low as P40.00 each. Will not hurt to check the baby sections in these places!
  2. Neighborhood Palengke – Yes, the baby section in any wet market sells diaper covers priced slightly higher than those that you will see Divi or Baclaran But still, offers lesser hassle to you or to manang as you do not have to trek (and brave the traffic) all the way to the heart of Manila.
  3. Online Shops – Head on over to the online stores of Quigle Baby, Lazada, Zebebe, Eco Baby Boutique, and check out the cloth diaper covers that they offer. QB Has cute prints of its own brand Quigle Bum and it also sells Flip Covers; Lazada has Enfant Covers (in super super easy to the eys, baby pastel colors); Zebebe has Thirsties cover priced at P699.00 for the Hook and Loop (I think these are marked down); while Eco Baby has the following brands as of posting date: Blueberry, Bumkins, Diaperaps, Grovia, and Happy Heiny’s.
  4. Facebook Stores – Check out the FB Pages of these sellers: Vezees Closet has the Alva Covers, Chipper Online has Naughty Baby Covers in two sizes: Standard and Bigger Size, Sky’s the Limit has Plain Solid Colored-covers (that looks so pretty); Jasmine Summer has Alvas, and Baby Chic Boutique sells its own brand of covers; and Cherub’s Necessities has Naughty Baby Covers, and The Baby Lamb has Wool Covers.
  5. Lazada — Carries cloth diaper covers particularly the Chino Pino brand which comes in packs of three, or sold on individual packages. Get it here if you are the type of online customer who wants to pay cash on delivery. You may also want to try this very soft cover tpe diapers from Enfant, also sold in Lazada. They come in super super nice colors, i have personally seen it and it really is soft to the touch. Get it here.
  6. UPDATED: June 3, 2016: BaoBao Babies –– If you are looking for Planet Wise, Best bottom, and Imagine Cloth Diaper Covers then this is the online shop for you. They have super drool worthy prints, and fabulously colored solid covers that will just keep you hoarding, and hoarding, and hoarding. Here’s a link to their shop.
  7. UPDATED: Sept 01, 2016: Bambino Baby Shop — If you are looking for Bummis Cloth Diaper Covers, then this is the FB shop that you have to check out. They have the Simply Lite, and then Newborn Covers. Here is a link to their FB Shop.
  8. UPDATED: Sept 01, 2016: Snappy Nappy: Carries THX Covers, so check out their FB shop here for pre-order schedules an slot taking events.
  9. UPDATED: Sept 01, 2016: Shoppee.ph: You can find a lot of cloth diaper covers from various sellers here, and who knows you can even score discounts and free shipping. Download their mobile app or check out their online shopping site here.

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Happy Cloth Diapering!

Here meanwhile is a video on cloth diaper covers:

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