Legitimate Websites that Provide Online Job Opportunities for Filipino Mothers

Legitimate Websites that Provide Online Job Opportunities for Filipino Mothers

Legitimate Websites that Provide Online Job Opportunities for Filipino Mothers. (Photo Credits)

The Digital Age has given moms a lot of options in helping augment the family budget. In fact some even provide full-time income from home-based online jobs.

For those of you ladies, who are wondering where you can get a Legitimate online gig that will help you earn extra money for savings, vacations, hobbies, buy additional handmade cloth diapers, or  a full-time income help put food in the table while having more time for the kids, and avoiding the huge family time suck that is EDSA then this post is for you. I earlier wrote a post on legitimate ways to earn money from home (read it here in case you missed it), but this post, is more focused on online-based jobs.

If you have a reliable internet connection at home plus a desktop or a laptop computer that is fairly new then yes you may want to consider online based jobs that will help you earn money from home. Just bear in mind that online and home-based jobs — like any other job opportunity in the world– require time and effort for you to gain income. Of course if you will not put in enough hours or turn-in quality work then you will not earn enough. As i have read before from one of the bloggers that I idolize, “you cannot expect a full-time income from a part-time effort.”

Anyway, here is a list of some Legitimate Websites that Provide Online Job Opportunities for Filipino Mothers

1. Essays.ph — if you have a penchant for writing then why not turn your writings into cash? This website will give you a lot of writing topics to choose from, and although there are deadlines most are not too tight that you can still do some home chores or take care of the kids in between. What is nice about this site is they can even deposit your earnings through your G-Cash account if in case you do not have a savings account. They can also remit your income via LBC if i am not mistaken. Check out their website here.

2. MyOutdesk.Com — If you have worked in the BPO industry before and have no trouble in doing the graveyard shift then you may just find a job here that could earn you substantial income to help out in your grocery bills plus some utility bills to boot. You can either be a virtual assistant or an appointment setter. If you go beyond six months of working for them, they will provide you with employee benefits such as company-paid HMO, and the like. Check out their website here.

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3. Upwork.com — this is Elance and Odesk combined. You will find a lot of online gigs here like writing, online tutorial, web design, virtual assistance etc from clients from arount the world. They have project based jobs, as well as hourly gigs. Upwork guarantees your online salary for hourly jobs so you will not be tricked into working for nothing. Check out their website here.

4. Fiverr — this site is best for logo designers, writers etc. Your portfolio will speak for you. check out their site here.

5. Sankeienglish.com — if you have the patience to be an English tutor (and the silent moments to boot) then this is the home based gig for you. You get to teach Japanese students via Skype. Check out their website here to know how to apply.

5. UPDATED JUNE 26, 2016: Onlinejobs.ph — I have met a lot of work from home moms who have found legitimate gigs through this website and most of them work fulltime! it is easy and safe because they offer protection both for job seekers and those looking for online workers. There are opportunities for webmasters, virtual assistants, graphic designers, programmers, writers, wordpress experts, and social media experts! Create your free account here.

6. UPDATED JUNE 26, 2016: 51 Talk For those who have the patience and ability to teach English, this is the work from home platform for you! i have met real moms who rely on 51 Talk to help in their monthly financial requirements. They offer Full time opportunities for those wanting to be home-based online English teachers. Head on to their site here. 

So there you have it. I am sure there are other websites that provide legitimate home-based earning opportunities but these are the ones that have great feed backs from people i personally know.

If you do not have a laptop or desktop or stable internet connection that could comply to the requirements of these websites, then why not find other legitimate ways to earn money from home.

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