A Busy Mom’s guide to Healthy Take-out Food Options in the Philippines

Healthy Take-Out Food Options in The PHilippines

Healthy Take-Out Food Options in The Philippines. (Photo Credits)

We have all been there. Not enough time to cook lunch or dinner because of errands that took longer than expected, overtime work or work commitments, heavy traffic.

We either resort to food delivery service or if we are out, grab take out. But we all know that fastfood is not the healthiest of options although most of our kids wouldn’t bat an eyelash if asked if they’d want pizza or chicken for dinner.

So what are our other options?

Here are some Healthy Take-out Food Options in the Philippines, that busy moms can choose from:

1. Pixie’s Sinugba — of course do not get the liempo! achi super super likes the inihaw na boneless bangus with tomatoes and onions. She can even finish half of the jumbo size in one sitting! You can get a big one for P220.00. They also have tilapia and squid that’s grilled. Check out their branches here. What is good about this is that you can just drive by the curb and hand signal your order to the store staff and they’d bring it to your car a la drive thru.Here’s where you can check out their branch locations.

2.  Arny and Dading’s — they are not just known for the yummy pichi pichi with cheese. They have to-die-for embutido and relleno. As in fiesta sa bahay ni hermana mayor levels. Their stalls are also usually by the curb so you wouldn’t have a hard time driving by. Check out their FB page to find out where their locations are.

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3. Chooks to Go — or any other clean and reputable lechon manok place. I was supposed to say rotisserie in groceries but you would have to g all the way inside the supermarket just to get one. I am ok with Andok’s too. The only downside to Chooks to Go is that they don’t give a lot of Lechon sauce and theirs is not as juicy as our mainstream lechon manok stalls. BUT I am recommending it here though because cleanliness-wise and service- wise i think they are better, and if it is gonnna be our kids who will be eating then we might as well put premium on that especially not that food poisoning is rampant (i wrote an entry on avoiding food poisoning here) Anyway, here’s a link to their FB Page.

4. Lola Idang’s Bahay Pancitan. Yes they do not just serve yummy pancit malabon, they have short order yummy lutong bahay-level ulams that you can just pick up. Call them for advance orders and let them know what time you’ll pick it up. They have yummy sinigang na salmon belly, kare kare, lumpia, tokwat baboy, all-day breakfast, dinuguan, and veggie ulams. Since this is a post on healthier food alternatives, I wont mention anymore that they have one of the best-tasting and cheapest crispy binagoongan Ive tasted. Super affordable promise. Here’s a link to their FB Page.

5. Amber’s — this one is a staple in office bday and promotion treats but you can stop by or call in advance for chopsuey, barbecue and fish fillet. They have great tasting pichi pichi as well. Check out their vast menu here.

So there you have it. Hope i gave you an idea on what to grab when you are pressed for time to cook. No need to feel guilty because these are clean, great tasting, and is not too bad for the health.

If you are looking for a book guide on eating out healthy, i reco you get this e-book “How to eat healthy take out.” For less that 3USD you get this guide to healthier eating. Get it here.

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