How to make homemade Dishwashing soap in the Philippines

homemade Dishwashing soap in the Philippines

How to make natural and homemade Dishwashing soap in the Philippines. (Photo Credits)

As a follow-up to my recent post on natural and DIY homemade detergents, here are some DIY dishwashing soap recipes that make use of ingredients available in Philippine supermarkets.

While most recipes that you will see in the internet call for ingredients like washable soda and essential oils, I am glad to let you, my dear readers know that I have tweaked the recipes below a bit so you will no longer need these hard-to-find ingredients. UPDATED: there are now local resellers that peddle some of the raw materials and essential oils needed in some of the recipes below. For the essential oils please see our updated post >>>here<<<<< and for the othjer raw materials, you may find the merchants over at

Anyway, here are the recipes I found for natural homemade dishwashing soap in the Philippines:

1. EASY DISHWASHING LIQUID – shared this very easy to make recipe of dishwashing liquid that only calls for soap shavings (I used ivory plain), water, vinegar, and glycerin (optional but you may buy glycerin from any Mercury Drug outlet, about P40.00 for a small bottle). Check out the instructions here.

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  1. CHEAP AND QUICK DISHWASHING LIQUID – this recipe shared by is just so frugal! It just calls for soap flakes (I used Perla), water, and white vinegar. Read the procedures here.
  2. EXTRA STRONG BUT NATURAL DISHWASHING LIQUID – This dishwashing soap recipe shared by calls for a bit more ingredients than the previous two. Just substitute the castile soap with Ivory plain and shave away (I use a vegetable peeler to shave soap), white vinegar, water, washing soda – can be bought from any merchant, and then optional tea tree oil. The tea tree oil is for added anti-bacterial properties. Try it by following the procedures here.

So there you have it. Hope you could channel your inner DIY Diva soon and try out these dish soap recipes.

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Leaving you with this easy-to-follow DIY Video on Homemade dish soap:

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