Where to buy Menstrual Cloth Pads or Mama Pads in the Philippines

buy menstrual cloth pads or mama pads in the philippines

Wondering where to buy menstrual cloth pads or mama pads in the Philippines. (Photo credits)

A growing number of moms (cloth diapering moms mostly) are taking their love for cloth next to a new level, by using menstrual cloth pads or mommy pads during their monthly periods.

These are basically washable, and for the most part, leak-proof, reusable sanitary pads that you could just snap on your underwear.

Wondering where to get it?

Here are some online shops where you can buy menstrual cloth pads or mama pads in the Philippines:

  1. The Chipper Online – Chipper has charcoal pads and liners of the Naughty Baby brand. The menstrual cloth they call “The Heavy Days Pads” is made of three-layers of microfiber topped with charcoal. They sell it for Php100 of Php90 for five pieces. The panty liners meantime sell for Php75 or P70 for five pieces, made from charcoal plus microfiber. Both come in cute prints too.   Check out the shop here.
  2. Cherub’s Necessities — Carries washable sanitary pads that they call “Mama Pads” that are made of Minky, bamboo charcoal and microfiber cloth, and sold at Php85 per piece. Ceck out the shop here

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  1. Vezees Closet – Has the Alva washable charcoal menstrual pad/sanitary napkin for heavy flow which they sell at Php120.00 each or Php 1100.00 for 10 pcs with free shipping nationwide. According to Vezees’ FB Page, here are the specs: One layer of waterproof PUL material, plus two layers of microfiber, plus one layer of bamboo charooal. Comes with wings that has snaps — 30.5cm (length) x 8cm (width, doesn’t include the two sides of wings). They also have an ongoing promo on this the “Dozen Pads Super Sale” where for Php1,000 you get four pcs of each washable panty liner, regular flow and heavy pads for Free Shipping Nationwide. Check out her FB store here.
  2. Earth Baby – Offers three packages for their menstrual cloth pads line. Earth Femme Cloth Feminine Pads. They have the Night Pack – P750.00 /pack which includes: 2 Night Pads Printed Design, 1 Night Pad Plain Color, 6 Extra Liners (for heavy days); Then they have the Earth Femme Cloth Feminine Pads Day Pack – P550.00 /pack which includes: 2 Day Pads Printed Design, 1 Day Pad Plain Color, 3 Extra Liners (for heavy days); Earth Femme Cloth Feminine Pads Trial Pack – P450.00 /pack which includes: 1 Night Pad, 1 Day Pad, 2 Extra Night Liners, 1 Extra Day Liners. Check out their FB page here.
  3. LOCAL WAHMS — The same ladies who make hybrid fitted diapers, and custom-made diapers, also make — although not all — menstrual cloth pads. You may even want to have it customized for you! Check out their pages here: Local WAHMS Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
  4. Lazada — They have various packages of menstrual cloths. If you prefer the cash-on-delivery method of online shopping then head on over here. The six-piece pack of LBB Brand Menstrual cloth is on sale as of posting at P1179.00 per pack — get it here. They also have three-set packages at a little less than P950.00 per package , as well as individual at P465.00 — check it out here.
  5. UPDATED! Greenpads Cloth Pads — Thank you to one of our dear readers, Ms Nikki de los Santos — she mentioned about GreenPads Philippines which she has personally tried. They make cloth pads and liners, and they can even customize. Check out their page here. Thanks again for sharing the info, Nikki!
  6. UPDATED MAY 17, 2016: Mama.Baby.Love — This FB store carries Menstrual Cloth Pads. They have the Lady Doo brand, which comes in Overnight Maxi, Classic, and Panty liners. They also have the Luna Pads which has Mini Pantyliner, Mini Pad with Mini Basic Insert and Mini Wing Insert, Maxi Pad with Maxi Basic Insert and Maxi Wing Insert. Both brands have trial packs so that you will see which one suits your needs the most. Here is a link to their FB Shop.

Again as I usually say, I have provided the links to the FB Pages and websites of these shops so you could personally check out the availability and the pricing of these items that I have mentioned. It may have changed by the time you are reading this.

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