Where to buy Insulated Breast Milk Cooler Bags in the Philippines

Where to buy Insulated Breast Milk Cooler Bags in the Philippines

Want to know where to buy Insulated Breast Milk Cooler Bags in the Philippines? Here’s a list of shops. (Photo Credits)

I had a great pumping career back when I was still an 8-5 Mama. And during that stint, I can’t be seen without my Insulated Breast Milk Cooler Bag. I was lucky because two years before I gave birth, someone gifted me with a Coleman insulated cooler bag, until it gave up on me, and I had to buy a new one.

You see, I have the tendency to over pack, apart from the BM bottles or BM Bags, and reusable gel ice packs, I also put inside my cooler my Ziploc bag of pump parts so that I would not have to wash in between pumping sessions.

Anyway, before I get to carried away telling you about my breastfeeding journey, here is the list of —

Where to buy Insulated Breast Milk Cooler Bags in the Philippines:

  1. Department Stores – The home section of any department store or big grocery has several brands of insulated cooler bags, foremost of which is the Lock n Lock brand.
  2. Coleman Stores– Coleman sells very reliable insulated cooler bags at different sizes. You can even choose one with a hard-plastic casing. You can also buy some reusable ice packs in their stores! Check out their website here to see a list of their branches.

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  1. Lazada  – If you want hassle-free shopping then Lazada  is the way to go. They have a great selection of insulated breastmilk cooler bags in various colors and sizes – check it out here. This BM Cooler bag, priced at P729.00 can hold up to six bottles – buy it here. This is another one that you may wanna check out and it is slightly bigger, has additional pockets and comes in fun colors. It can cool for up to 20 hours with icepacks – check it out here .
  2. Mama Bella – Has fab and chic cooler bags in three sizes – the small which is foldable, and then there is the medium which is roomier but still very portable, and then their largest version which has tw separate compartments. Price range is at P400.00 to P1,200.00. Check out the FB store here.
  3. Baobao Babies – Carries three imported brands of insulated Breastmilk Cooler bags, the Fridge to Go, The Wallaby Mommy, and Ezzy Hot and Cold. Check out their store here.
  4. Babymama – Has a super wide array of breastmilk cooler bags which include their own house brand, then the Pack-it line. Here is a link to their website.

So there you have it, hope I have been able to help you find insulated breastmilk cooler bags in the Philippines. I will be updating this post as soon as i discover more stores that sell cooler bags. If you have the time, hope you could drop by my Facebook page and hit the like button, so you can receive regular updates from Happypinaymommy.com direct on your newsfeed.

Thank you so much!

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Leaving you with this video on increasing breast milk production:

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