Where to buy Cloth Diaper Wet bags in the Philippines

buy cloth diaper wet bags in the Philippines

Looking to buy cloth diaper wet bags in the Philippines. (Photo Credits)


Are you looking for cloth diaper wet bags that you can use at home and when you are out and about?

If you answered yes, then this post is for you.

I have compiled a list of online shops where you can buy wet bags for cloth diapers. From US-made, local, to China ones, i made sure you could at least get some good choices.

Where to buy cloth diaper wet bags in the Philippines:

1. Baby Chic Boutique — Sells two-compartment Alva Wetbags in different prints. According to its FB Page the wet bag “measures 30 x 35cm. Fits approximately 5-7 cloth diapers. Has two compartments to separate the wet or soiled nappies and clothes with the dry and clean ones.” Check out their FB Store here. 

2. RAAK Naturals — Last time i checked they have BumGenius wet bags. Check out the availability and designs in their FB page here.

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3. Mayumi and Me — they have Baby Leaf Wet bags at P350.00 each, measuring about 30×40 cm. They also carry uniquely designed wet bags called Manila Baby which come in two sizes: Regular at 12 x 12 inches and Extra Large at 20 x 17 inches. Check out their website here.

4. Lazada — if you are the type of online shopper who wants to settle upon delivery then Lazada is the best bet for you. Click here to buy this Charlie Banana Wetbag. If you are looking for something bigger that you can hang in your rest room or nursery, Charlie Banana has this reusable soiled cloth diaper container, and you may buy it here.

5. Earth Baby — What i like about Earth Baby Wet Bags is that they come in a Pail Liner Size so you could easily take it to your laundry room. They have this size at P350.00 it comes in tote-form. The site says it can fit around ten diapers. Then they also have the regular-sized ones. The big ones come in solid colors. Check out their FB Store here.

6. Chipper online — Has Naughty Baby Single and Double-Zipped wet bags starting at P160.00 each. Check out the designs and availability here.

7. Babyland Wetbags — has a lot of resellers in the country particularly: Quigle Baby, Vezees Closet, Cheeky Bebe,Sky’s the Limit, and Cherub’s Necessities.

8. UPDATED: August 06, 2016: Mommy’s Little Boss — This FB Shop sells Bummis Wetbags as well as Diaper Duds Wetbag, and Even Cloth Diaper laundry bags — all in fun prints and colors! Check out their store here.

9. UPDATED: Sept 01, 2016: Bambino Baby Shop: Sells wetbags and diaper pail liners in fun colors and happy prints. Check out their FB Shop here.

10. UPDATED: Sept 01, 2016: Snappy Nappy: From time to time, Snappy Nappy offers group buys for THX Wet Bags. Like their FB Page here to receive updates about slot taking schedules.

11. UPDATED: Sept 01, 2016: Shoppee.ph: Find great deals on wetbags in this site from various sellers. You can even score discounts as well as free shipping for a minimum purchase. Download the mobile app, or check out their website here.

So there you have it. Again as I usually say, I have provided the links to these shops so you could personally check out the availability and the pricing of these items that I have mentioned. It may have changed by the time you are reading this.

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Thank you so much!

Let us spread the love for cloth!

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