Happy Pinay Mommy Weekly Meal Plan for August 10 2015

Weekly Meal Plan August 10-17, 2015

Weekly Meal Plan August 10-17, 2015. (Photo Credits)

Hi Mommies!

Sharing with you our meal plan for the week. Certainly hoping this  is no too late to help you with your weekly meal preparation and grocery shopping.

As busy moms wanting to prepare good food for the whole family, we all have to be intentional when it comes to planning our meals for the week. Not having enough food supply ingredients at home usually leads us to getting take out or food deliveries, which are not only expensive, it is usually unhealthy.

Anyway, here is our Happy Pinay Mommy meal plan for the week of August 10, 2015:

happy pinay mommy weekly meal plan aug 10 2015

Happy Pinay Mommy Weekly Meal Plan Aug 10, 2015

If you will notice, I have ‘carried over’ almost all lunch meals into dinner or just added a side dish, or gave it a twist. This will not just help us save up on food costs, it also minimizes food wastage.

Again, I am still working on including more meatless meals into our weekly meal plan, and I am hoping that I could really implement at least two meatless days a week. Meatless meals are not just nutritious, they are very affordable too!


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My favorite part in this week’s meal plan is the snack portion. I discovered Toasted Siopao, and I didn’t know that it could be really tasty! I have always been a siopao fan and the toasted siopao that I have access too is extra yummy compared to those that I have tasted in the past! I also included bakery ensaymada – you know the yellow one smothered with margarine and sprinkled with so much sugar (as opposed to the soshal ones with grated queso de bola, or quick melt cheese – because it transports me back in time when I was doing field work every day, and there is this neighborhood bakery we frequent on the way to my ‘post’ at that time. Yummy. Sometimes, it is not the taste but the comfort and memories the food brings.

Till next week mommies!

Living you with this video of one of my favorite celeb chefs, chuck preparing spicy pork sandwiches! Yum-oh!