Filipino Lumpia Recipes under P100.00

Filipino Lumpia Recipes under P100.00

Yummy and Affordable: Filipino Lumpia Recipes under P100.00. (Photo Credits)

Lumpia is one distinct Filipino food that is both delicious and economical to make.

It is so distinct that my hipag tells me, this is what is usually being requested  as potluck contribution from pinoys whenever there are gatherings in the US.

Anyway, for families who are trying to stay within the budget i compiled Lumpia recipes that are under P100.00 to make and can feed at least a family of four.

Here are Filipino Lumpia Recipes that are under P100.00 to make:

1. Lumpiang togue. So yummy yet so cheap. Lumpiang togue is so good that it can be eaten as ulam or meryend. In fact it is being sold by ambulant vendors with the signature spicy suka in used mineral water bottles. Check out this recipe.

2. Lumpiang Tuna – i know lumpia is not the healthiest of food because it is deep fried but you can somehow balance it out by filling it with fish. Consider prepping this recipe but omit the jalapeno so that it would be kid-friendly.


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3. Lumpiang Hubad — This does not cost much especially since the main protein used is firm tofu which you can get for less than P40.00 for a big block. Besides, i think it is the healthiest among all the recipes i have compiled for this post since no deep frying is involved. Check out the recipe here.

4. Lumpiang Chicken — This is another cheaper and healthier alternative to the pork lumpiang shanghai. It has not too much ingredients too. Here is the recipe.

5. Dynamite Lumpia — This is definitely not for the kids, but if your older kids have a penchant for something spicy the go ahead and make some. Bonus because it is cheap to make, that you will only need cheddar cheese, lumpia wrapper, and siling haba. 🙂 This is also a super easy bar chow to make when surprise visitors come over. check out the recipe here.

Hope you’ll be able to try any of the above mentioned recipes. If you are on the look-out for more Lumpia recipes, why not check out this e-book on Top 50 Most Delicious Spring Roll Recipes,” The kindle version is just less than P150.00 or 3USD. You may buy it here.

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Leaving you with a video of one of my favorite chefs, Chef Boy Logro cooking his own version of Chicken Lumpiang:

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