Easy Filipino Fried Rice Recipes Under P100.00

Quick and Easy Filipino Fried Rice Recipes

Quick and Easy Filipino Fried Rice Recipes Under P100.00 (Photo Credits)

Fried Rice is a happy food for us Pinoys. It is an economical meal because it allows us to recycle food — just be sure the rice was refrigerated to avoid food poisoning (see other food-poisoning prevention tips here),   and at the same time it is quite cultural because we are really accustomed to eating it almost every morning.

It is also so yummy that sometimes in my family, we could eat it on its own sans ulam especially if i get carried away and put so much veggie/sausage/meat/fish on it.

I have compiled below some of my own fried rice recipes that are easy to cook, under a hundred pesos to prep, and will definitely be loved by the fam bam.

Easy Filipino Fried Rice Recipes under P100.00:

1. Pinoy Yang Chow — Super yummy to the taste. Not too difficult to prep. I make it on super busy days. Dash of olive oil in a pan plus a tablespoon or two of your fave butter or margarine. Saute minced garlic. Add cubed Chinese Chorizo (i buy the Fat and Thin brand over at Rustan’s Supermarket– 3 pieces for 75.00), two is enough for the recipe. Once the choriso is cooked slightly add in whatever frozen veggie you have in the ref. if its peas or carrots or both then go ahead. If you’ve go scallions then add in some chopped too. Saute a bit. Add in the day old rice. Season with salt and pepper. Crack two beaten eggs. Mix well in the rice mixture. Once egg is completely done and rice turned yellow add a dash of Knorr liquid seasoning and sesame oil.

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2. Tuyo Fried Rice — i use bottled tuyo for this recipe but you can use your usual tuyo that you ca buy from the market. Saute onions and garlic in olive oil and a bit of butter. Add in half a bottle of tuyo flakes. Cook well. Add in one or two pieces of calamansi depending on the size. Add in the day old rice. Season with salt according to taste. This one doesn’t need much salt, obviously.

3. Japanese-Inspired Omelette Fried Rice — Saute onion, garlic and about 250 grams of lean ground pork. Add in the day old rice. Season with salt. Add in enough tomato ketchup to coat the rice. Set aside. In a separate non stick pan, pour two beaten eggs. Season with salt and pepper. Flip to cook thoroughly. Once done put the plain omelette in a shallow bowl. Transfer the rice mixture. Flip the bowl over in a big plate before serving.

Another favorite fried rice recipe of mine is the Aligue (Crab fat roe) fried rice but definitely it is not under a hundred pesos to make. But just in case you have left-over shrimps and a bottle of Aligue sauce lying around, try this recipe that i use and you will not definitely regret it (well except if your cholesterol is shooting up or you have allergies). Ill be making a follow up post on super yummy fried rice recipes soon.

So there you have it.  Hope you could try one of the above-mentioned recipes. They really are easy to make and can be eaten any time of day.

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