Lunch Baon Ideas for School Kids – Part 2

Here is the Second Part of our series on Lunch Baon Ideas for School Kids. (Photo Credits)

Here is the Second Part of our series on Lunch Baon Ideas for School Kids. (Photo Credits)

As promised here is the continuation on our series on Baon Ideas for our school-aged kids. I remember apart from the packed lunch, we should also be concerned about where we pack our children’s lunches.

Although I would like to buy my daughter those stainless tin can things, I find myself packing her lunches in glass lock containers like this because I think it is relatively safer to store her lunches in these containers than in plastic. But that is just me – you can buy glass lock container sets here. If you want a set with fewer lunch boxes then you may want to get these which comes with a free thermal bag that helps keep your child’s food warmer – check it out here. It may be heavier, but it does not easily break, and I feel safer knowing that her food is stored in such container. Anyhow there are other plastic containers that are safe to use and BPA-Free like this one.

Anyway, too much for that, will have a more detailed discussion on baon wares soon. For now, here is the second part of –

Lunch Baon Ideas for School Kids (Part 2):

  1. Tortang Giniling – This is one of my personal favorites growing up, my inay usually cooks this with banana leaf to get a perfect omelet. It really is super easy to make, just sauté fresh ground pork you may add in some potatoes to bulk it up. Set aside. Beat some eggs, season with a bit of salt and then add in the ground pork and make small patties or a large omelet. You can now pack this with a small packet of ketchup that you got in the drive thru or food delivery service that you ordered recently.
  2. Hinubarang Longganiza with Fresh Tomatoes – This is hands-down one of my favorites. Take any longganiza that you have in the ref – Vigan works best for this but any, really will do. Semi-boil it in water to cook the meat inside. Once cooked (but not fried in its own juices), remove the longganiza from the pan, and peel off its casing. You may then put it back in the pan and toast/fry it until it becomes somehow crunchy. Pack with fresh sliced tomatoes!

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  1. Homemade Tonkatsu – Im sure fried porkchop is in your repertoire of school pabaon, but why not take it a notch further and try to replicate the Japanese Pork Chop dish your not-so-little boy super enjoys in your after Sunday mass lunch-out? It is super easy to make and you can batch freeze this too like the Fish fillet and Chicken nuggets that I included in the Part 1 of this Baon Lunch Ideas for Kids’ series. Choose thinly sliced porkchops. Pre-boil in water seasoned with a bit of salt and pepper and extra clear soda if you want it to be a bit tender. Once cooked, set aside. Soak in beaten eggs, and then dredge in panko breading. Fry. Pack this with shredded cabbage and Thousand Island Dressing on the side. Do not forget your child’s favorite porkchop sauce too!
  2. Yangchow Fried Rice — This one is fairly easy to make. Just saute a bit of garlic, onions, green peas, carrots, diced Chinese sausage or ham, any left-over meat that you have from last night (chicken or pork), if your kids are not allergic to shrimps and you have some left overs the night before then include that as well. Add in a bit of butter or margarine. Add in the left over rice from last night’s. Once heat has been distributed well, add in some beaten eggs, and then a little bit of soy sauce. So that there’s some sort of ulam for your child, you may want to top this with slices of longganisa or Chinese chorizo, or even dumplings for that “chao-fan effect.” Check this past post on other fried rice recipes under P100.00.
  3. Cheese and Mushroom Omelet – This is a great baon to pack for those crazy mornings. Just dice some button mushrooms, and then dice or grate some quickmelt cheese. Beat some eggs, mix the cheese and mushroom, and then fry as usual. So easy to prep, and your fam at home has a nice breakfast to pair with either toast, hot pandesal, sinangag or steaming white rice.

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So there you have it, I hope I was able to give you more lunch baon ideas for your grade schooler. I think the baon ideas that I specified in this series can also be appreciated by the mister if he also brings packed lunches in the office. If you are a working mom then you might as well pack some lunch for yourself too with the same baon! Packing lunch is not just a money saving idea, it also saves working parents precious lunch minutes that may have been wasted lining up at the cafeteria, or that fastfood chain adjacent to the office. For pumping moms, it also helps a lot as you can have lunch while pumping saving you time so that you can have a longer video call with your little one at home.

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