Snack Baon ideas for Pre-Schoolers

Snack Baon Ideas for Pre-schoolers

Looking for yummy, healthy and affordable packed snacks? Here are some Snack Baon Ideas for Pre-schoolers. (Photo Credits)

With merely two weeks before the opening of classes, we moms should be armed with a good repertoire of nutritious snack or baon ideas for pre-schoolers.

If you are still clueless as to what to pack for your child this coming school year, then this post is for you. So here are –

Snack Baon ideas for Pre-Schoolers

  1. Muffins – Muffins are a great source of energy for your child, and a yummy way to ease hunger pangs at the middle of her school day. Choose freshly baked muffins over those pre-packed in the groceries. You will never go wrong with the many flavors you can choose from – blueberry, choco-chip, banana, corn, and more. Donut shops, and bread bakeries usually have freshly baked muffins that can last for a good 3-4 days. The French Baker’s Mini Muffins are just perfect to be paired with a small carton of milk!
  2. Banana Bread – These are soft, yummy and its scent is just so enticing to eat. You can bake one from scratch if you are the type who likes to bake, or you can buy from a store. Slice it up, and pack with fresh calamansi juice or whatever fresh juice you have! Purple Oven has super yummy banana bread so visit their outlet nearest you!

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  1. One Whole banana and Cheese Sticks or Cheese cubes — Those little tummies will surely enjoy peeling their own banana, and eating it alongside cheese cubes. This is so easy to prepare too and are both likely on your weekly grocery list so there’s no need to make a special stop elsewhere.
  2. Carrot Loaf Slices – Are perfect yummy treats, especially when it has a dollop of cream cheese frosting! But even without it, it is still an interesting baon and yummy treat especially when paired with a favorite drink like Yakult or Dutchmill.
  3. Fruit Cup – It may sound simple, but this sure will be enjoyed by your toddler especially if in a semi-frozen state! When snack time comes, the fruit cup will still be chilled or cold enough to be enjoyed. Just slice into cubes any fruit available in your home like melons, bananas, grapes, apple or pears, squeeze some calamansi to avoid browning or oxidation, and add some light syrup if you wish.
  4. PB & J Sandwich – Cut into small triangles, this is just perfect for those little hands! Just remove the corners of your usual loaf bread, spread with peanut butter an your kid’s favorite fruit jam flavor and you’ve got a super easy baon to pack! You can actually pack them any type of sandwich — check out some spread here >>> Yummy Sandwich Recipes for Baon
  5. Corn on the Cob and some Veggie Sticks – Make sure that the corn on the cob is halved or chopped in thirds. Your preschooler will surely enjoy chomping on this. Take the nutrition up another notch by packing it alongside some veggie sticks with dip! Slice into sticks some carrots, turnips, and cucumber, and then pack with a plain yogurt with grated cheese dip! Always a hit.

So there you have it, I hope I have helped you in some way to decide on the snack or baon to pack for your preschooler. If you are looking for nice lunch boxes you may check this out.

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