Easy DIY bubble recipes you can make with your Kids

here are some easy bubble recipes you can make with your

here are some easy bubble recipes you can make with your kids. (Photo Credits)

Just like clay, kids could not get enough of bubbles. I have earlier written about homemade clay, and in as suggested by my dear Achi, I have also decided to publish bubble recipes that are very easy to make.

Achi and I have been exploring a lot of bubble recipes, from the simple Gumamela me and my playmates made during our childhood, to the more modern ones that are “copycat recipes” of those being sold at the toy stores. Anyway I made sure to reco recipes with ingredients that are locally available.

Here are some Easy DIY Bubble Recipes you can make with your kids:

  1. Traditional Pinoy Street Bubbles – I’m sure most mommies can relate with this. Just get powdered detergent, water, pounded hibiscus or gumamela , and bam! You now have a homemade bubble solution! For the bubble wand we usually use walis tingting that time, or ask our yaya or dads to make us one using alambre. Drinking straw can be used as well but make sure your kids are old enough to not sip the solution.
  2. Giant Bubble Recipe – Achi and her playmate super-super enjoy making giant bubbles out of this recipe from happyhooligans. It is very easy to make too! Just make sure you have some glycerin at home (you can buy some at Mercury Drug for about 30-40 pesos per small bottle).

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  1. Colored Bubbles – Wanna add some more fun to your DIY Bubble Blowing Bonding with your kiddo? Try this colored Bubble Recipe from the website Baby Parenting.
  2. Crazy Deluxe Bubble Recipe – Want a bubble recipe that resembles those sold in stores? This is it! Check out this recipe shared by Babysavers.com which uses ingredients found in the kitchen.

So there you have it. I hope I have given you enough bubble recipe choices to try with the kiddos. I suggest that you keep the bubble wands and containers that your kid has used up so that you can re-use them with these DIY Bubble solutions. Do let me know how it goes by dropping by my Facebook page. Hope you could hit the like button while you are at it, so you can receive regular updates from Happypinaymommy.com direct on your newsfeed.

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Leaving you with a video on making homemade giant bubbles: