Kid-Friendly Vegetable Salads

Here are some Kid-Friendly Vegetable Salads that your Picky eater may love. (Photo Credits)

Here are some Kid-Friendly Vegetable Salads that your Picky eater may love. (Photo Credits)

It is a challenge to have children eat salads especially if they are not used to eating veggies. But there are salads out there that appeal to our children’s discriminating taste buds.

So for those of you wanting to prepare nutritious salads for your family here are some suggested —

Kid-Friendly Vegetable Salads:

  1. Crunchy Fish and Mandarin Orange Salad – This is very easy to make, just buy some lettuce greens – assortment of iceberg and romaine perhaps? And then slice some tomatoes, pre-cooked fish fillet cubes in panko breading, and then add some mandarin oranges. Drizzle some Asian dressing with a dollop of Japanese Mayo and you’ve got a wonderful salad they will surely enjoy!
  2. Happy Kani Salad – Grate some fresh cucumbers to make some thin pasta-like strands. Deconstruct some original Japanese Crabstick or Kani. Toss in some thinly sliced carrots and drizzle the same Asian-Japanese mayo dressing and you’ve got some happy Kani Salad your kid will enjoy.

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  1. Chicken Caesar Salad – This is another easy to prepare recipe. If you are short of time you can use left over chicken (left-over roasted chicken is great), but if you want to go the extra mile you can pan-fry chicken fingers in panko breading. Toss in some greens. Toast some croutons, and drizzle in your favorite Caesar Dressing. Shave some parmesan cheese on top, and if you have some bacon bits then that will be more appetizing.
  2. Bacon and Potato Salad – OK this one is not really very healthy because of the Bacon but if you have access to leaner ones, or Turkey Bacon for instance then it will be great! Plus this is another way to get them to eat their potatoes without having to fry them! Just boil some potatoes until fork tender. Add in crunchy pan fried bacon that has been diced. Add in some chopped spring onions or chives and then toss in some lite mayonnaise. You may or may not add in grated cheese to up the kid-friendliness factor.
  3. Yummy Chef’s Salad – Boil some eggs and cut into wedges or if you have quail eggs, just pre boil and peel. Add in some cubed cheese, tomatoes, diced ham, sliced black olives, grape wedges, turnips, bell peppers, and then lay in a bed of salad greens (crunchy ice berg lettuce is the best for this greens for this. Drizzle some thousand island dressing and serve.

So there you have it, I will be researching for more nutritious and affordable recipes for our families, and will come up with more posts like these. Hope you can check out our under P100.00 Series. Meantime, if you wish to scour great dessert recipes, you may want to check out Good Housekeeping’s Dessert Cook Book featuring Brownie Recipes — buy it here

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