Five Delicious Filipino Vegetable Recipes under P100.00

Filipino vegetable recipes under P100.00

Filipino vegetable recipes under P100.00. (Photo Credits)

Nowadays, we have to be more intentional on what we are to feed our families. We have to serve meals that are not only delicious, but nutritious as well.

In this day and age where time is of the essence and gone are the days where you can afford to cook two ulams per meal –both time and money-wise– it is important to have in our arsenal vegetable recipes that can be a ‘stand-alone’ ulams because of the taste and nourishment it provides.

Here is a list of yummy, stand-alone Filipino vegetable recipes under P100.00 to make:

1. Laing — This one is just so yummy and nutritious. Who can go wrong with gabi and coconut oil and some bits of pork or shrimp that are, in the vernacular, nagmamantika? Check out a good recipe from Panlasang Pinoy here.

2. Gising-Gising — another recipe that utilizes coconut milk, this yummy dish can be spicy or not but for sure you would really need loads of steaming white rice. Get the recipe from Casa Veneracion here.

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3. Misua-patola –– you will need some giniling or diced pork, misua, and patola and you’ve got yourself a piping-hot healthy ulam that even your kid will like. Take a look at this recipe from

4. Ginataang Sitaw at Kalabasa — this is great actually even without gata as plain guisado alone. It is great whether with small shrimps as sahog or thinly sliced liempo. This is a good recipe from Just omit the shrimp to cut down on costs. It will still taste superb.

5. Vegetable kare kare — just buy some pechay, eggplant, and sitaw plus kare kare mix then take out the bagoong, game na!!! Here is a simple recipe to follow.

Hope you all got some great ideas from this post. If you are looking for more veggie recipes, i suggest this eBook Vegetable Recipes: The Ultimate Vegetable Recipe Book, Guide to Preparing and Cooking Delightful Vegetable Dishes” written by Celecte Jarabese which you can buy here. For a little under P300.00 you will have a reference coobook for healthy vegetable dishes that you can access in your mobile device at your own convenience. Check it out now.

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