Happypinaymommy.com’s Work-at-Home-Mom of the Week #3: Josanne Robles Luistro

Happypinaymommy.com’s Work-at-Home-Mom of the Week #3: Josanne Robles Luistro

Happypinaymommy.com’s WAHM of the Week #3: Josanne Robles Luistro

Happypinaymommy.com’s Work-at-Home-Mommy of the Week is a one-of-a-kind WAHM as she not only works at home, she also has a daytime job that according to her, is very challenging.

An Exclusively Cloth Diapering Mom, she has been sewing cloth diapers, baby dresses, as well as other handmade baby clothing since 2014, and have started selling her products in 2015. Now her products are sought after by CDing mommies, and she has a long queue of custom orders for her to work on.

As I have said in all of our past WAHM of the WEEK features, this series of posts is meant to honor work-at-home-moms who try hard to strike a balance between working from home and taking care of their family’s needs. It is also meant to inspire those who are still on the fence if they’d give working at home a try. In this particular post, it may also prove that yes, we can earn extra income from our hobbies even if we have day jobs.

Again the series is not meant to sideline stay-at-home-moms or work-out-of-the-home mommies. This is all just meant to promote positive motherhood vibes.

So, without further ado, presenting to all of you, our Happypinaymommy.com’s WAHM of the WEEK #3, Mommy Josanne Robles-Luistro of Butt Talks! Cloth Diapers.

Happypinaymommy.com’s Work-at-Home-Mom of the Week #3: Josanne Robles Luistro

Mommy Josanne loves sewing even at the wee hours of the morning. Here is an action shot she sent me at around 2AM 🙂

Here’s an excerpt of our interview with Mommy Josanne:

HappyPinayMommy: When did you decide to be a WAHM?

Mommy Josanne: (I presently have a day job but) I started BUTT Talks! in March 8, 2015. Hand-stitched my first Hybrid Fitted Diaper (HFs) in December 2014 and though you may find it hard to believe, got my first sewing machine in February 2015 at dun lang ako nag-aral magtahi

HappyPinayMommy: What made you decide to get into it?

Mommy Josanne: HFs are quite pricey and dahil namamahalan ako eh why not make my own.Now I know bakit mahal. Then I want to be an advocate of something good. So ayun, ako ay breastfeeding, cloth diapering and baby wearing advocate.

(And a bit of history), I became a member of MCNP (sometime) in July 2014 after a month of giving birth to Yuri. Just like other moms, I started Yuri’s stash with China nappies and was able to ECD him in August 2014. I got tempted to buy a second-hand HF in October 2014 and again like most moms, got hooked with the idea of “presko time.”

Then I was able to buy from a WAHM, then by November 2014, I bumped into Cloth Diaper Sewing Pinays. I came across other moms trying to make HFs so I searched on where to buy fabrics and sewing notions and by December (that same year), I purchased a starter set from Fabrix Unlimited (diaper cut of outer layer, polyfleece and cotton velour). I don’t have yet a sewing machine then so I hand-stitched the first HF to test if I can make one. (And I was able to) — The first nappy that I was able to sew is still a part of Yuri’s nappy rotation. Then I bought a snap plier because I don’t want to use velcro.

After I realized na kaya kong gumawa, I bought OMI, my first sewing machine in February 2015.

I then thought of a catchy name. Took me almost two weeks. I want a trade mark that can catch the attention of most moms. Lots of names. But God is good. I was able to bump into BUTT Talks! which sound like “buttocks.”

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Happypinaymommy: What is the greatest challenge you have faced in relation to being a WAHM?

Mommy Josanne: The greatest challenge is managing my time. I have a very challenging day time job as well. I have a baby to take care of, a family that needs to be taken-cared of, plus no yaya right now.

Happypinaymommy.com’s Work-at-Home-Mom of the Week #3: Josanne Robles Luistro

Butt Talks! Pinafore Dress and HF Terno

Happypinaymommy: What advice can you give to those who may want to become a WAHM?

Mommy Josanne: know your capacities. I believe we are not talking of just nappy making right? Know what you want to do, then do it with love, with passion. I am passionate about this nappy-making thing ever since I created my first. I think it shows naman in my work.

Happypinaymommy.com’s Work-at-Home-Mom of the Week #3: Josanne Robles Luistro

Mommy Josanne says she gets some sort of adrenaline rush while working on projects. Here are her latest ones.

Happypinaymommy: Who inspires you?

Mommy Josanne: My children. I want them to have a better future. I want them to know that I am making “gabi as araw” as the famous song “Anak” says. hahaha. All for them

Happypinaymommy.com's WAHM of the WEEK

Mommy Josanne’s Family Photo. According to her, her husband is very supportive about her craft, and even sleeps on the couch while she sews her HFs during the wee hours of the morning. She adds her kids are her inspiration.

Happypinaymommy: How does your husband support you?

Mommy Josanne: He cuts and snaps (the nappies)? And sometimes he rewinds my bobbins. He sews the bags for the finished products and is my delivery man to Abest.

Happypinaymommy.com’s Work-at-Home-Mom of the Week #3: Josanne Robles Luistro

Butt Talks! Has joined the Minion Craze as well. An in-demand print.

We also interviewed some of Mommy Josanne’s Loyal clients.

Mommy Joanne Quitoriano-Mangubat said what made her decide to try Mommy Josanne’s Hybrid Fitted Diapers is her quest for the right HF fit for her baby. “Panay bisita ko sa mga group page nang mga local wahms, until nagpost sya nang FLASH SALE, the black and white elephant halftie nga, lesser than SP. Di ako nagdalawang isip na, mag-MINE. Sakto kase need ni LO, nang diaper for his first birthday nun, then, nasabe ko nga na birthday, when the nappy arrived, may freebie agad or lets say birthday gift si LO, napaka-generous lang ni Mommy Josanne, and nagpaturo ako sa kanya, pano ang tamang pagsuot, tinuruan niya ako, approachable. In there, di ako nagsisi na kinuha yung item na yun, worth it e.”

And then she continues, “Nagamit ko agad, as outgoing nappy nun, lasted us for four hours, first use ah! I mean, nagamit ni LO. Lol. Until, sa kanya na ako kumuha nang second batch ko, dalawang item na, kase sa kanya lang ako may nakitang character print na gusto ko, tried SERGED, pinagbigyan niya ako sa request ko,”

Happypinaymommy.com’s Work-at-Home-Mom of the Week #3: Josanne Robles Luistro

Mommy Joanna loves Butt Talks! HFs on her Little One’s Bum.

When asked what she likes most about Mommy Josanne’s nappies, she said it was the thought that Josanne puts so much effort in the diapers that she makes. “Most of our HFs, is Butt Talks! We have six. What I like the most, well not just the kind of fabric kase lahat naman nang LOCAL WAHMS, merong same type of Fabric, but how Josanne made it, ramdam mong with Love talaga, kase bum cut, kahit di mo irequest, alam niya na yun dapat ang nasa bum, makikita mo, creativity niya thru color combinations of tabs, snaps, inner, kahit sa thread, and being unique, and selfless, kase she modifies her pattern. She (also considers) how long our LOs gonna use it. Also, like what i said earlier, malakeng bulas si LO, and as of now, si BUTT TALKS! ang ok ang fit para kay LO, tipong pangmatagalan talaga, di agad ma-a-outgrown. Every details of each nappy is superb. Kaya nga everytime nakikita kong suot ni LO, paulit ulit kong sinasabe, “ang ganda noh.” It is one of the BEST.

Another Butt Talks! Fan is Mommy Cathy Ramirez-Pe. “If I had enough money, I will hoard more. Pero sa dadalawang pirasong Butt Talks! ko, I can say na I can feel the feeling of having an exceptional piece of CD in the CD world.”

She says Butt Talks! is really a great cloth diaper brand. “I can say, Butt Talks! is a masterpiece. It is perfect for baby’s butt and super comfy. My Hello Kitty and Sofia the First HFs are for my baby’s going out diapers and night time nappy. It can last up to five to six hours. My baby’s skin is very sensitive that is why I prefer to use HFs at night.”

Happypinaymommy.com’s Work-at-Home-Mom of the Week #3: Josanne Robles Luistro

Mommy Cathy’s Baby wearing Hello Kitty HFs from Butt Talks!

To elaborate to you dear readers how happy Mommy Cathy is about the HFs she has, she has actually lent Happypinaymommy.com one of her little one’s OTB shot of a Butt Talks! nappy which we in turn used for another post. Here is the photo she lent us:

Happypinaymommy.com’s Work-at-Home-Mom of the Week #3: Josanne Robles Luistro

Mommy Cathy’s Little One. This is the same photo Happypinaymommy used in our earlier post on Local WAHMs that make Hybrid Fitted Diapers. Thank you again Mommy Cathy.

Mommy Cathy adds, she just appreciates the passion complemented with sincerity of Mommy Josanne. “I think, for her hindi lang yun basta pagtatahi. Para bang sa bawat nappy na nabubuo nia, ginagawa nia para sa anak nya, or sa anak ng mga kaibigan nya. Kumbaga, yung labor of love is for free talaga sa kanya. Kasi sa totoo lang, kung marunong akong manahi, hindi ko magagawang ibenta ang gawa ko sa ganung halaga. Hehehe sa pagod palang abonado kana. (And) masasabi ko pulido kasi ang gawa nya. At madalas ko mapansin, halos walang nag bebenta ng Butt Talks! products kahit EUC. Kasi nga, susulitin talaga ang pinagawa. May extrang love notes pa yan saying that she appreciates you as her customer and she will tell u that she enjoyed sewing your child’s nappy and that she made it with love. As if ba yung anak nya talaga ang mag susuot.”

Another Butt Talks! client is Mommy Gelai Camungao-Fontanilla. She said her love for “genius” prints made her try Mommy Josanne’s line. “I met Mommy Josanne, the wonderful person behind Butt Talks. Unfortunately, that particular fabric is no longer available even with her supplier. We exhausted possible resources. I posted on a “looking for” thread. Little did I know, there is one very kind momma who has a spare of this fabric. Josanne took charge of everything. I paid my dues and waited for 10-14 days. Finally, the long wait is over. I received the parcel. It was so fluffy, I’m gonna die! lol I was deeply in love with the nappy. I eagerly checked all the details. No flaws, no frays, you can see even stitches. It was really made with so much love in a span of two beautiful weeks. The materials used are indeed high class. Did I say it has been pre-washed too? Yes they are really ready to kiss our little one’s butt upon arriving from the mail.”


Mommy Gelai’s Adorable Baby Z wearing a Butt Talks! Stargazer pocket HF.
According to her the Outer is made of US Cotton woven. Hidden is special polyfleece
and the inner is made of a combo of one-layer cotton fleece, one-layer bamboo charcoal with antimicrobial properties, one-layer organic hemp. The booster is a one-layer zorb2 diamonds

Mommy Gelai added that what she likes most about Mommy Josanne’s nappies is its great quality. “I love all the nappies that I bought from her. As of now, we have four stash from Butt Talks including our pre orders. Also, Josanne made the first accessory of our very first Tula. She never missed to call my attention if she has a new genius print. So I guess our stash will get bigger in time. All in all, this nappy brand is really excellent. You will never be ashamed to recommend it to anybody. It is globally competitive. A world class dipe. Thus, it deserves every cloth diapering mom’s heart.”

So that wraps up our Happypinaymommy.com’s third WAHM of the Week feature. Hope you have somehow been inspired with Mommy Josanne’s story. If you have a WAHM in mind, whom you want me to feature please let me know by leaving a message on my Facebook Page. Please hit the like button too so you could receive updates from Happypinaymomy.com directly on your newsfeed.

A Happy homemaker is a Happy Pinay Mommy!

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