Where to Buy Cloth Diaper Storage in the Philippines

Buy Cloth Diaper Storage in the Philippines

Are you looking for shops where you can Buy Cloth Diaper Storage in the Philippines? Read on. (Photo Credits)

It is a problem, most cloth diaper addicts have. Space is not enough for the stash. Anyway, being the enabler that I am i thought of coming up with this post.

For those of you who may not be able to install right away a new cabinet for your baby’s cloth diapers the next best thing that you could do is to find a good storage solution for your baby’s cloth diapers.

There are many options available both in online and in physical stores that will suit your budget.

Here are stores where you can buy cloth diaper storage in the Philippines:

  1. Howard’s Storage – I will never get tired of going to this store. I just super love all the storage solutions that are being sold here J From wicker baskets, fabric/cloth types, cabinet-like, and even those made of hard plastic. They have branches in Greenbelt and in Century City Mall in Makati. I swear you can browse this shop for hours!
  2. Muji – Another great storage solution store! How can you not love the offerings here? You may buy a diaper bag organizer here too! They have a branch in Greenbelt 3 if I am not mistaken across fully booked.

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3. Lazada Has some storage solutions that can be used for cloth diapers like this cabinet which can be assembled – buy it here.

4. SM Home – If you are looking for more affordable storage solutions then you may want to check out bigger SM Stores like the Makati and Megamall branches (and most likely MOA — sorry i have only been there for like three times so not so familiar). In Makati they have hard plastic, affordable wooden cabinets, hard plastic cabinets, cloth/fabric type, and open shelf-style cabinets which are also perfect for bedrooms.

5. Ace HardwareIt may be a home improvement store, but if you are just looking for a temporary storage for your baby’s cloth diapers because you know that you will sooner or later need a really huge cabinet then Ace Hardware should be the store for you! They hold promos too, where the big plastic bins get to be discounted at 50% or could even end up being sold on a buy one, take one basis. You may also want to check out the shelving solutions that they have which you may just drill on the wall for a pinterest-level shelf-like solution for your kiddo’s nappies.

6. True ValueNext to Ace, this is another good home improvement store that you can check out for storage solutions. They may not have selections that are as vast as those in the specialty stores that I have mentioned above, nor the department stores, but they have unique solutions that you may fancy. They have branches at Century City, Rockwell, Glorietta and more.

7. Other Department Stores – Bigger department stores like Landmark Makati also offer a huge range of storage solutions that you can choose from. You may want to try Robinson’s Department store and even Crossings in EDSA Shangri-la.

8. Big Groceries – Big groceries like Shopwise and various branches of SM Hypermart, and perhaps Puregold also offer hard plastic cabinets, and huge plastic bins that could be perfect for you and your baby. I think some moms also use clear plastic cabinets, and even those that are supposedly intended for dishes — as CD cabinets. And since these dish dryers are made of clear plastic doors, the CD designs can be seen easily.

9. Neighborhood Surplus Shop – If you are fine with using second hand or pre-loved items, then why not drop by your neighborhood Japanese Surplus shop? They have affordable cabinets there made of wood or even hard plastic.

10. UPDATED: May 23, 2016: Vezees Closet. This online store famous for its affordable china nappies, next day shipping and bargain promos also has among its products an Ikea storage solution that can be perfect for your cloth Diaper stash! At P500.00 you can already purchase the Ikea Mesh Hanging Storage with six Compartments. This comes in four different colors too! Check out their FB store here. 

So there you have it. I am sure there are other places and Online Shops where you may buy Cloth diaper storage cabinets and solutions in the Philippines. I will be updating this post as I discover more. For the online stores, I included the links of the shops so that you could personally check on their prices and product availability. If you have the time, hope you could drop by my Facebook page and hit the like button, so you can receive regular updates from Happypinaymommy.com direct on your newsfeed.

Thank you so much!

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