No-bake Chocolate Recipes for Business in the Philippines

chocolate recipes for business in the Philippines

Here are some chocolate recipes for business in the Philippines. (Photo Credits — Modified)

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you want to earn extra in this season of love, the why don’t you sell some no-bake chocolate goodies?

This is the second part of’s series of posts on food items that can be sold for extra income. I have earlier written about Filipino sweets like Yema Balls, Pastillas and the like – you may check out this past post here. This particular post though is dedicated for choco-based goodies.

So without further ado here are my suggested —

No-bake chocolate goodies to sell in the Philippines:

  1. Chocolate Clusters or Choco Flakes– If you are familiar with the choco flakes in Baguio like Mikasan – the one your ex-manliligaw brings home to you from the City of Pines, then you know this goodie I am talking about. For the mas sosyal, they call it Choco Clusters. You can use cereals for this like corn flakes. I suggest you just buy the local brand like Oishi, or one that you can buy from your neighborhood baking supplies stores, because it will be more economical, and will most like taste the same. But of course I am not in any way preventing you from buying cocoa frost because it will be yummier as it has double the flavor. Here is a good recipe to follow. You may pack this in a clear plastic held by a colorful bow, in a microwavable container, or pastry box of your choice.
  2. Choco-Peanut Butter Cups – Do you love Reese’s? Yes you can make something like that, package it in those nice liners that you can buy in any baking supplies stores (or even in Rustan’s or bigger supermarkets), and you can make your own Choco-Peanut Butter Cups. It will be easier to make the usual chocolate cups, but in business you gotta have an edge and offer something more unique at the very least. Here is a great recipe to follow.

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  1. Chocolate Truffles – I remember my Sister In Law and I attended a Heny Sison Baking Seminar before and this recipe is one of the basic recipes that she shared. Achie and I were watching Gordon Ramsay the other day and he made truffles with his kids so I made a mental note to include it in a pangnegosyo recipe, as well as a good recipe that you can make with your children (if you want some more recipes you can make with your kids click here). Anyway, going back to truffles you can never go wrong because you can actually offer as many flavors as you want – plain, dark, orange-y, even chili! Check out this great three ingredient recipe for a basic chocolate truffle.
  2. Chocolate Lollipops – Well this stuff still sells especially during occasions like Valentine’s, Christmas and Halloween. You will need molders, but hey there are a lot of affordable molds out there – you can even score some in Daiso. Here is a recipe you can follow.
  3. Candy-Dipped Pretzels or Chips – My good friend J really loves those chips dipped in choco, so why not make your own version? It may be hard to find a great packaging that will showcase the goods without it crumbling but that is part of the challenge. If you want something easier to package then go for pretzel sticks that you can dip in choco and sprinkle with whatever topping that you can think of – colored sugar, chopped nuts, candy sprinkles or what have you. Here’s a great recipe that you can follow.

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Leaving you with this video on how to make no-bake white chocolate Oreo balls:

No bake Filipino Dessert recipes for business